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Farmgirl1961's Journal
Farmgirl1961's Journal
September 30, 2016

Editorial published in the East Oregonian -- a very republican part of Oregon

Letter: Some reasons to vote for Donald Trump (please don't be swayed by the title, just read the editorial).

September 29, 2016

Braggadocious: Randy Rainbow Moderates Debate #1

Oh boy -- once you watch this you won't be able to get the song out of your head!

September 27, 2016

Signs of Cocaine Use -- I'm not being facetious but I think Trump exhibits several of these signs

Signs of Cocaine Use

Dilated pupils
Runny nose (snorting)
Nosebleeds (snorting)
Track marks (injecting)
Burned lips or fingers (smoking)

Fast heart rate
Constricted blood vessels
Enlarged Heart
Heart attacks
Cardiac arrest
Mental state:

Unusual excitement
Poor judgment
After long use or a binge:

Intense cravings
Need for higher doses
Long periods of sleep


September 26, 2016

A recent facebook post from Michael Moore....did anyone else get this?

Michael Moore
53 mins ·
I've been planning an "October Surprise" for the election, for all of you, and I have succeeded in keeping it a secret until now.

I've written a one-man show about this crazy Presidential race and was planning to perform it live -- and film it -- on Oct 7th in Newark, Ohio, the seat of Licking County, right in the heart of Trump Country. My producers flew there on September 15th and negotiated the rental and use of the historic Midland Theater in downtown Newark. Their staff greeted us with open arms and happily agreed to let me book my show. My team then returned to NYC and we set about preparing the shoot and putting the final touches on the production.

Well, this past week, my big plans got dealt a death blow by the Republicans of Licking County, Ohio. We got a call from the theater management telling us, "We're sorry but the community board that oversees the theater has voted to not allow Michael Moore to perform his show here. We are declining the rental." When asked why, it was explained to us that, "Michael Moore's appearance here could reflect negatively upon the Midland Theatre. He is too controversial and the risk is too great. The board is afraid that renting the theater to him
may cause the theater to lose long-standing patrons. Our board here is fairly conservative and it was felt that Mr. Moore would try to sway people's minds to vote his way."

Well, they got that right. They aren't stupid. This show, and my plan to release a video of it it nationwide so it can be seen by millions in the weeks before the election, should definitely "sway" some people into voting!So, good for them at the Midland Theatre in Licking County, Ohio, that they get the subversive intent behind this one-man show. I'll take it as a compliment.

That said, this decision left my production without a place to stage our show in the swing state of Ohio. Well, folks, I'm not leaving and going somewhere else. Sorry, Florida -- you were our second choice, and yes, we know how welcomed we'd be in your insane excuse for a state, but we're staying right here because, well, it's clear now that Ohio really, truly needs us.

And lo and behold, as I was writing this, my producer has informed me that it looks like we may have found a place about an hour or so down the road from Licking County, even deeper into southern Ohio, with even more Trump supporters. A county that has 25,000 registered voters -- and only 500 of them are Democrats! Yeah, baby! TrumpLand on steroids! But I'm told they believe in free speech. Imagine that. The show is on!

So, good people of Licking County, you can rest easy now. Or you can convince your nonprofit board (which is controlled by a bunch of local for-profit businessmen) to change their minds and let me in the door. I'll come do a second show for you. It's still a free country, right? What are you afraid of? That people with a conscience who hear some truth might begin laughing AT your candidate instead of voting for him?

The bottom line: I'm going to perform this show in Ohio. It's 2016, for crying out loud. And personally - sorry for the whining - I'm tired of all the shit I always have to go through. But that's nothing compared to what all of us and the rest of the world are going to have to endure come November 8th if things go very, very wrong.

So... onward to Ohio the first week of October! (I'll let you know the details later.) Maybe after I film my show in a town that will have me, I'll stop by Licking County anyway, pretend I'm still in America, and perform the show in the street outside that theater.

"Make Licking County Great Again!"

P.S. Btw, Licking County is known as the "basket capital" of the world. No, I'm not making a "basket of deplorables" joke. They literally are basket people here. This photo below is of the "World's Largest Basket" and it's the actual corporate headquarters in Licking County of the Longaberger Basket Company. (You can write your own caption here.)

September 26, 2016

Join us, in creating a 24 hour surge of support for Hillary. #9.26 By teioh (Daily Kos)

Yesterday I was feeling somewhat helpless reading diaries filled with angst and concern over the polls, the surreal negative nature of the Trump circus, and the upcoming debate…

So to counteract that mood — yesterday I donated $9.26 to Hillary’s campaign. It helped.

Then I mentioned it to others. They did the same. They felt good. (I know because they told me it did)

It was our way of saying directly to Hillary: “This coming Monday 9/26/16, come what may, we are with you!”.

So we are 24 hours out before Hillary steps into the arena to speak for us and the future of this country.

So far dozens and dozens of DKer’s have messaged, and commented that they too have sent in $9.26 donations.

If you can (and I understand not everyone can) but if you can, please donate exactly $9.26 to www.HillaryClinton.com/donate.

It may be a small thing, but it was meaningful to me and others, and if enough do it, Hillary will get the message.



September 26, 2016

Let's play a really difficult mind game -- imagine (if possible) that you were a Trump supporter

Okay -
"big white man talks tough" -- that appeals to Trump supporters
"law and order" -- that appeals to Trump supporters
"politically incorrect" and "spontaneous" -- seems to appeal to Trump supporters

-lots of chauvinist men, lots of uneducated white men and women

but -- lots of educated folks too that either hate Hillary (why?), love Trump or are hardcore Republicans


While I think that the ads that the HRC folks have put out are extremely effective, I wonder what (if anything) would make some of the Trump supporters (or leaners) go "Wait a second!" or "I didn't know that" or "I gotta really think about my vote for Trump"

There must be something or somethings that could make them think twice about what they're doing and/or why they're either anti-Hillary or pro-Trump. Problem is that it's really hard to get into the mind of a Trump supporter. What do you think would give some of the Trump supporters (not talking about the hard-core white supremacists) pause?

Perhaps if he is seen as weak or a coward that might work....????

September 25, 2016

The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid.


Excerpted from the blog post:

An old colleague and I were having breakfast this morning when he looked up at the news (I can’t remember which network …MSNBC, I think) and noticed a split screen of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He lamented long about how terrible both candidates are in this election and I guess we just have to choose the lesser of the two evils or, as he put it, “…put on a blindfold and just pick. It doesn’t really make any difference.”

And that’s when I went off.

I am really sick and tired of people saying both candidates are equally horrible choices, how much America thoroughly hates both of them to the core, that there’s not a single positive trait in either one of them and wow, if only we had voted for that guy behind the deli counter or the neighbor’s cat, America would be WAY better off.

Fuck you. Fuck the deli guy and fuck your neighbor’s cat.

There are only 2 candidates who stand any mathematical chance of prevailing in this year’s election and one of them is, in fact, eminently qualified to become the 45th President of the United States, perhaps more so than any of the other 44 previous office holders. She (that’s right…SHE) has been dedicated to public service in one capacity or another since 1971. Her accomplishments are tremendous. To name a few (edited from the list once provided by Daily Kos for space):

First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.
Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School.
Editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.
Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.
Former civil litigation attorney.
Staff attorney for Children’s Defense Fund.
Faculty member in the School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.



September 25, 2016

Latest FB post by Robert Reich

You may or may not agree with his analysis:

Clinton and Trump are in a virtual dead heat (see today's Washington Post-ABC News poll, below).
Their supporters are divided by:
1. Gender (54 percent of men back Trump and 55 percent of women support Clinton);
2. Race (53 percent of white voters back Trump, 69 percent of non-white voters back Clinton);
3. Education (Trump leads Clinton by more than 4 to 1 among white men without college degrees, and by a smaller ratio among white women; Clinton leads Trump by 57 percent to 32 percent among college-educated white women).
Both candidates are hugely disliked. But gender, race, and class trump everything else.
Will tomorrow’s debate sway many people? What do you think?

Aside from whether or not tomorrow's debate will/won't sway many people, the question I have is -- what is it that would get the white, uneducated men to change their mind? Is there anything that would make them go -- "whoa, what have I been thinking? This guy's a ________ (fill in the blank)"

September 25, 2016

Do you think the youth (very young) can impact this election?

The young are very good at making a judgement about people. My hunch is that the majority of children in the US do not like Donald Trump. They would probably say things like: "He is mean. He is a bully. He lies." Not that parents necessarily tell their children who they plan to vote for (maybe some do and some don't), but I'm wondering if the youth are influencing their parents NOT to vote for Donald Trump.

Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence on this? I know that the HRC campaign had some really good ads where kids were watching TV and listening to Trump's vitriolic talk -- has it made a difference?

September 25, 2016

Where are you from, and what are you doing to support Hillary?

Where are you from, and what are you doing to support Hillary?

I'm from Oregon, originally from Pennsylvania. Last week I Phone banked in Oregon for four hours. I have signed up at the HRC website to do more phone banking and what I would really like to do is to call into a critical swing state.

If anybody has done this, I would like to hear from you and also hear about your experience and how you got started.

I certainly post a lot of relevant articles on Facebook and Twitter and have sent a handful of Twitter messages to the media.

I'm sure I could be doing more… So what are you doing?

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