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Gender: Female
Hometown: OR
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Jul 30, 2016, 01:04 AM
Number of posts: 1,463

Journal Archives

Fact or Fiction: Is Donald Trump taking the drug Phentermine?

I came across this today. Maybe it's old news...but in light of Trump's wacko charlaton doctor claiming him to be the healthiest human specimen alive...I wonder if there's a way to dig into this some more.

“According to our source, the Donald Trump of today is on a diet drug called phentermine—and has been since at least April of 2014,” Gawker reported.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3282568/is-donald-trump-on-drugs-cheap-speed-in-new-report/#uYlmOFF8IcC2VXF2.99

Someone using the Email address of Trump's doctor demanded money for an interview

Check out this recent post on Huff Post

$325 in advance...and who knew that Dr. Bornstein spoke Italian? Huh? WTF?


Roy Cohn (closeted homophobe) defended Donald Trump in 1973 civil rights lawsuit

Courtesy of America blog:

I was just watching a chilling broadcast on CNN, about the US government’s 1973 civil rights case against Donald Trump.
The case alleged civil rights violations against African-Americans in Trump housing in NYC. You can see a snippet of the video below.

But then something caught my eye. CNN was mentioning how Trump, via his lawyer, hit back hard against the allocations. And I see a name flit across the screen, so I back up the DVR.


For anyone unaware, Roy Cohn was a hated man. He was Senator Joe McCarthy’s right-hand man during the McCarthy era anti-communist witch hunts that destroyed so many lives. But to add to the fun, Roy Cohn was a closeted gay man, who eventually died complications related to HIV/AIDS. But none of that stopped Cohn from destroying the lives of countless gay government employees who he, and McCarthy, drove out of of their careers.

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