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Gender: Female
Hometown: OR
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Jul 30, 2016, 01:04 AM
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Just for fun I googled "What is the best way to gaslight a gaslighter"? Quora response:

What is the best way to gaslight a gaslighter (psychopath/sociopath/narcissist)?

If the victim of the gaslighter knows they are being gaslighted, the best was to gaslight the gaslighters can be doing something outrageous and then denying it:

Ignoring them - they cannot stand it. It freaks them out. Especially if it is all of a sudden and came from nowhere. But be careful, it can backfire into more mental abuse. When they ask you why you reject any such ideas they had and say that they are imagining things.

Putting your own foot down - whatever may be the case, gaslighters gaslight because they enjoy being in control. They enjoy the sadist pleasures of having things their way. When they realize they lose control they panic. They may grow volatile and cause a ruckus. But why not give them a taste of their own medicine of sadism for once?

Calling them out on Gaslighting - Call them out. Say that they are mentally abusing you. Be direct and hold eye contact. Walk away after those serious allegations. And when they say they did nothing like that, nod your head and say no, you did. A few days later, when they bring it up, say you didn’t mean it that way and they are trying to victimize themselves in this situation.


Suppose any of these strategies could work for tRump & co?

What do you make of this Michael Moore opinion? Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump is on course t

Being an alarmist or do we heed his warnings?

Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump is on course to repeat 2016 win.

Film-maker says enthusiasm for president in swing states is ‘off the charts’ and urges everyone to commit to getting 100 people to vote.

The documentary film-maker Michael Moore has warned that Donald Trump appears to have such momentum in some battleground states that liberals risk a repeat of 2016 when so many wrote off Trump only to see him grab the White House.

“Sorry to have to provide the reality check again,” he said.



And so it begins...People Who Attended RNC In Charlotte Test Positive For COVID-19

Four people who attended the portion of the Republican National Convention that was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, earlier this week have tested positive for COVID-19.

Mecklenburg County officials said Friday that two convention attendees and two people supporting the event have tested positive so far. The individuals have been told to quarantine, and their known contacts have been issued isolation instructions as well.

RNC attendees and support staff took nearly 800 coronavirus tests during the Charlotte event, including prior to and immediately after delegates’ arrival...


-scroll down to read the headline: 4 People Who Attended RNC In Charlotte Test Positive For COVID-19 — 8/28/20, 1:30 p.m. ET

New ad coming out by Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen releases anti-Trump ad
Michael Cohen, the president’s former lawyer and longtime fixer, is featured in a Democratic group’s anti-Trump ad, just released:


Quote of the Day: Adam Schiff

Source: News and Guts link

Rep. Adam Schiff does not mince words. He is a skilled orator and writer as we learned during Donald Trump’s impeachment. Today he posted on Twitter his reaction to Trump’s move to block Postal Service funding. Tweet embedded in link.

Read more: https://www.newsandguts.com/quote-of-the-day-adam-schiff/?fbclid=IwAR3RxU2-xi-KArTT1KRp780JqPrMwG7l43LpC-hKuWzD2xHDuXBHy2oly1Q

My question to Adam Schiff - does this rise to the level of an impeachable offense and if so...what next?

News and Guts - Link to 538 How to Vote in the 2020 election

Source: News and Guts - linked via his FB page

FiveThirtyEight: How To Vote In The 2020 Election
A guide to in person and mail in voting, and voter registration deadlines, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How To Vote In The 2020 Election
A state-by-state guide to voting in the age of COVID-19
By Nathaniel Rakich and Julia Wolfe

How easy — or difficult — voting by mail is in each state
Everyone can vote by mail, and ballots are automatically mailed to votersEveryone can vote by mail, and mail-ballot applications are automatically mailed to votersEveryone can vote by mail, but nothing is automatically mailed to voters*You can vote by mail only if you have a valid excuse (the pandemic doesn’t count)

Read more: https://www.newsandguts.com/link/fivethirtyeight-how-to-vote-in-the-2020-election/?fbclid=IwAR1wE3fagR25P2TyNNyyRpTtnKCGpIrUrryJSjB1vQi_u6Hc4mW80yKxkTs

How to tell if your grandparent has become an antifa agent

Watch out for the signs!


Question: Can we even survive five more months of Trump?

Even if, hoping if, praying if, GOTV if we can get this Trumpanidemaniac out of office -- can we even survive five more months?

I am hoping for more condemnations from prominent Republican figures, more editorial boards and we the people demanding the resignation of this madman. Yes, this is about BLM, yes this is about systemic oppression, but it is always about white supremacy and we have a "leader" who's motto "Make America Great Again" is nothing more than not-so-veiled racism.

Bringing home the (healthy) kids from college - social distancing enough?

If there is already a post on this, I apologize. My daughter is (hopefully) returning home (to Central Oregon) on Saturday, from the East coast. She and some other college friends have been out hiking in the Smoky Mountains/surroundings. They drove from Hanover, NH to the outskirts of Boston, where they stayed with a student's family. As they were driving south toward Tennessee, each night they stayed with students' families. They have been as careful as they can, but obviously have been doing some food shopping and other transactions. They are hiking for another day or so, then driving back toward the Boston area, dropping off students on the way back.

My daughter will fly from Boston Logan (direct) to Portland, OR, where we will pick her up and drive her home. My husband and I are ages 58 and 63 and healthy. So, is social distancing enough, or should she/we take more prudent measures? She will want to visit with her high school friends, who are also all home early. Thinking about where the balance is of being prudent, careful, cautious.

Appreciate any thoughts and links to articles on this (including measures she can take at the airport and on the airplane)

What happens if Trump fires Mueller - Seth Abramason

Fascinating read -- to help go through the permutations of what might happen if Trump decides to fire Mueller...

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