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Member since: Wed Jul 20, 2016, 02:02 PM
Number of posts: 341

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July 2016: "As the odds of another idiot taking over in the USA are non-negligible, I come back to DU at this time."

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Another piece of good debunking, critical, investigative journalism

One of the next battles. Unless you can move to Finland, Or pretty much anywhere else in the world.


Good investigative journalism.

This is about the way donations influenced the state of Wisconsin policies under Walker.


Removed AP and Reuters from my personal home-page.

I added the WP.
The NYT is still not even on my list due to the continued lack of apologies about their role in the Iraq war bandwagon. Trust has been seriously broken.
The Guardian and the WP are for now my 2 main sources of information. They both do serious investigative journalism. Which is in very short supply in the US, or the world for that matter, at this time.
Reuters and AP used to be solid news agencies but seem to be slowly veering towards populism and/or information with limited investigation.
I think investigation should be rewarded with interest.

"Lying Hillary Doll"

I keep on seeing a TV commercial about such doll, available online for your typical 19.99 or somehting. This is in WY and on TBS I believe.
The choice of WY is interesting, since presumably, TV space is cheaper there. However, it might be enough to maximize investment through the hope of an internet-powered virality. Which reeks of Breitbart/Bossie tactics.
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