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Member since: Wed Jul 20, 2016, 02:02 PM
Number of posts: 341

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July 2016: "As the odds of another idiot taking over in the USA are non-negligible, I come back to DU at this time."

Journal Archives

Promising no censorship, social network Gab draws 'alt-right'


Pseudo-democracy at work.

French lawmakers ban websites that spread 'false information' on abortion

Source: International News 24/7. 20:03 local time

" French Senators on Thursday passed a bill to ban pro-life websites from spreading "false information" about abortion, following a heated debate with rightwing lawmakers who argued it would contravene freedom of expression. "

Read more: http://www.france24.com/en/20161207-french-lawmakers-ban-websites-spread-false-information-abortion

The Law was passed in 1975 by a right-wing administration not because of a sudden open-miodedness, but because clinics had become common-place and had massive support from lawyers, organizations and people in general, which had created a wide disconnect between the state of the law and... reality.
On a more general level, this also signals the possibility of consequencing the spread of false information, which has become a staple of the right-wing diet everywhere in the world.

Half of Russians fear Syria could spark WWIII.


This might herald an inflection point in this nation's trajectory. A point where reasonable fear takes precedence over wounded pride. A people who has lost about 20 millions during WW2 cannot forget what war costs.


Better Things and Atlanta. Best shows I saw in a long while.

Thinking about moving abroad?


Grab that, asshole:


Any gamblers around?


An excellent article that pretty much settles the nature/nurture problem.


Barnum's legacy.

This nation's public sphere has now reached the level, techniques and general meaning and functioning of a bona fide circus, almost up to the radical Roman version. Unfortunately, this is not a specifically american phenomenon. It heralds the next step in the evolution of infrastructures worldwide. We are watching the unfolding of the capitalistic historical achievement: the generalization of life as a series of images.

Another piece of good debunking, critical, investigative journalism

One of the next battles. Unless you can move to Finland, Or pretty much anywhere else in the world.

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