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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 14,114

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A killer in training

Someday, this is really going to hurt...

What size house (or apartment) did you grow up in?

This duplex was considered a "huge" home in the late 1960s:

Back then, a new single-family home was a modest 1,600 square feet and cost just $31,500 (or $223,000 adjusted for inflation). In 2018, the average new construction single-family home spanned more than 2,600 square feet and sold for nearly $378,000.


Of course many of us moved around. My dad was in the air force so we lived in military quarters (duplexes) and in a mobile home.

I'll have one of those. Okay, maybe two of those...

Raiding the bag...

Popcorn before bed...

Miami Dolphins land Josh Rosen

The Dolphins, a team badly in need of a QB, have swung a deal for Rosen. All it cost them was a second-round pick (No. 62 overall) in this year's draft as well as a fifth-round pick in 2020.


New Bruce Springsteen single "Hello Sunshine"

It's been 5 years since the Boss's last studio recording.

Thank you WaPo columnist Kathleen Parker!!

In an op-ed titled "Biden is empathetic and compassionate. But he’s not the obvious candidate," Parker closes her column with:

Pete Buttigieg, who has served as mayor of South Bend, Ind., since 2012, is the Barack Obama of his generation — a composite of opposites generated by an anti-Trump algorithm — and today’s quintessential candidate. The country may not yet be ready for a gay man and his husband in the White House, but Buttigieg is, in my view, the most significant voice in the presidential race.

And, hey, you can call him Mayor Pete.


Somebody get this woman a Pulitzer nomination!


Anyone hear anything about a Joe Biden fellow today?

Trying to scrounge up some news...

This Joe momentum was expected. I like him too, he's just not my favorite. If he does get the nomination then I'll be pulling for him.

Anyway, there's a long, long way to go, folks. Mayor Pete is going to be winning back headlines for all the right reasons in the weeks and months to come. Bank on it!

Second round of NHL playoffs now set

with the defending Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals just eliminated in Game 7.

St. Louis vs. Dallas
San Jose vs. Colorado

Boston vs. Columbus
Carolina vs. NY Islanders

New Tulsi Gabbard ad critical of Trump/Pence "unholy alliance" with Saudis


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