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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 12,643

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Surrounded by villains

The women of 2020

*apologies (sort of) to Marianne Williamson

Tragic news: Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died today




There's just no stopping Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Saying she hadn’t missed a summer since she was on the U.S. Court of Appeals, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Tuesday that she had once again returned to her off-season lifeguarding job at Splash Central waterpark.

“They basically pay me $12 an hour just to sit in a chair and work on my tan all day—not to mention flirt with the hotties—so what’s not to like?” said Ginsburg, 84, slathering sunscreen on her bare arms as she noted that while it could get a little stressful watching over the “little shits running wild” in the Kiddie Cove area, it was otherwise “pretty chill” and far better than being stuck inside all day while court was in session.

“Plus, employees get half-off at the snack bar, and after work we all just go drinking or hang out in the parking lot getting fucking blazed. I’ve also been hooking up with this other lifeguard, Hunter. I hope he keeps working here during break when he goes off to college next year, but, if not, this place is crawling with studs.” Ginsburg went on to say that she definitely has a more fun off-season job than Justice Breyer, who reportedly caddies for rich assholes that never fucking tip.


AOC scorches Piers Morgan and Ivanka in a single tweet

FBI warns of possible terrorism on July 4th -- domestic terrorism

The enemy within. Don't wear your MAGA hats too tight, Trumpers!

Federal authorities are warning that white supremacists and other political radicals could look to attack Independence Day revelers on July 4, noting in a bulletin to law enforcement around the country that domestic terrorists “have attacked perceived oppressors, opponents, or enemies engaged in outdoor First Amendment-protected rallies or protests during past summers.”

The warning came in a joint intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center, urging law enforcement personnel to remain vigilant for suspicious activity.

Such bulletins are routinely distributed in the days before a major national holiday, but previous bulletins have often focused on “homegrown” terrorists inspired by overseas groups like ISIS or al-Qaeda rather than “domestic” terrorists radicalized by domestic issues such as abortion or white supremacy.

“The FBI, DHS, and NCTC remain concerned that [they] could target upcoming Independence Day celebrations, gatherings, or parades, though we are unaware of any current plots specifically targeting such events,” stated the bulletin, obtained by ABC News. “We note that attacks can occur with little to no warning because of the frequently lower levels of security around civilian targets, challenges in securing large crowds, and calls for attacks against soft targets.”

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