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True Dough

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Juicy breasts? Supple thighs? KFC creates a romance novel...

It's being promoted as a Mother's Day gift! Give Mom everything her heart desires!

When Lady Madeline Parker runs away from Parker Manor and a loveless betrothal, she finally feels like she is in control of her life. But what happens when she realizes she can’t control how she feels? When she finds herself swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, Madeline realizes she must choose between a life of order and a man of passion. Can love overcome lies? What happens in the embrace of destiny, on the Tender Wings of Desire?


Panhandling can be more lucrative than a full-time job?!?!

In Lexington, Kentucky, there's a newly-launched program to help street people find full-time employment at $9 an hour.

A local radio deejay decided to go undercover to try his luck at panhandling because he wasn't convinced that $9/hr. would be enough to lure some homeless people off the streets.

He figures he made about $40/hr. Granted, that's not a regular, sustained wage and there are no job benefits that come with panhandling, other than setting your own hours, I suppose. But I have heard from people in a few major cities that they know of panhandlers who have routinely collected hundreds of dollars a day.

Makes you think.



On Aaron Hernandez, homosexuality in sports and the role of media

Some fascinating reporting from The New Yorker on the role Hernandez's sexual orientation may have played in his death and the treatment of that topic by some members of the media in the days leading up to his suicide. Granted, it's not easy to muster a great deal of sympathy for a murderer like Hernandez, but the frivolity and crass nature directed at homosexuality in pro sports in 2017 leaves much room for progress, still!

(Investigative journalist Michele McPhee and Boston sports radio hosts Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan) then jokingly riffed—in a cringe-inducing manner familiar to most listeners of American sports radio—on the suggestion that Hernandez was sexually attracted to men. Using football metaphors to insinuate his preference, the men referred to Hernandez as a “tight end on and off the field,” adding, “then he became a wide receiver.” This went on, with McPhee adding that Hernandez kicked “with both feet.”

Two days later, and just hours before his former team stood with Donald Trump at the White House in honor of its Super Bowl win, Hernandez hanged himself in the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, in Shirley, Massachusetts, after inking a Bible verse on his forehead and placing cardboard under his cell door to make it difficult for guards to intervene, as was detailed in the Boston Globe and in McPhee’s subsequent reporting for Newsweek.

McPhee looks back on the radio appearance with a mix of regret and rationalizing. “I was with people that I trusted and knew,” she said recently. “And they brought it up on the air, his sexuality.” She went on, “What I said was really inelegant of me, and it’s not something I would have done if I wasn’t on a sports-radio show. It’s not a laughing matter, in any way, shape, or form. But I would certainly hope, in 2017, that Aaron Hernandez was more troubled by the fact that he killed his close friend, the boyfriend of his fiancée’s sister, than his sexuality.” She added, “His conscience should have been much more haunted by killing his friend.”

McPhee has no regrets about the Newsweek piece itself, which was published on April 21st, under the headline “Aaron Hernandez’s Sex Life Probed as Murder Motive, Police Source Says.” It was the first major national story to focus on Hernandez’s sexuality, which, McPhee told me, “was one thousand per cent being explored as the motive of the murder, which is the only reason why it’s relevant.” Citing “multiple law enforcement officials,” the piece reports on Hernandez’s longtime marijuana use, an “intimate relationship” he had with a male high-school classmate for whom he allegedly set aside “a large amount of money” prior to his arrest in the Lloyd case, and conversations in which Hernandez associates called him a “smoocher” and “limp wrist.” The piece does not provide comment on these claims from any of Hernandez’s family members or associates. Three letters were found in Hernandez’s cell following his suicide; McPhee reports that one was addressed to his fiancée, another to his daughter, and a third to his “prison boyfriend.” There is now general agreement in the press concerning the first two recipients, but the identity of the third recipient is still in dispute.


Come on, let Drumpf be next!!!

Pharma bro gets permanently banned from Twitter

Notorious pharma bad boy Martin Shkreli says he’s been permanently banned from Twitter.

The man who felt the wrath of the world after he inflated the cost of AIDS medication by more than 5000 per cent announced early Thursday on Facebook that his Twitter feed of @MartinShkreli was shut down for good.

“Breaking News: Twitter has confirmed I am PERMANENTLY suspended from Twitter,” Shkreli wrote. “This account will not be restored.”


Agree or disagree?

Anyone heard about the crisis in South Sudan?

If so, it's because you read news coverage or listen to newscasts that have some global depth. If not, it's because of this:

Cartoon by the talented Michael de Adder

Woman with terminal cancer jailed due to medication in her system

Way to go, Kansas! Now this woman will miss her next chemo appointment.

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A grandmother with terminal cancer is in the Sedgwick County Jail because of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in her system while she was driving.

But the THC was in her system because it is in a medication her pharmacist says she needs in order to eat while on chemotherapy. Angela Kastner has colorectal cancer. KAKE News spoke with her Tuesday night, right before she reported to jail for a 48-hour sentence. She's in jail as a result of a DUI, although she had nothing to drink.

"I had ... Marinol in my system that the doctors in Oklahoma gave me to fight cancer. I've been fighting cancer 5 years," Kastner said.

Marinol is an FDA approved medication for cancer patients. It helps them keep down food. It's a synthetic form of THC, but it's legal. According to her pharmacist, the amount of THC in her blood is not enough to make anyone high. The time Kastner will spend in jail will force her to miss a chemo session, which will force her to restart her whole regimen. Her doctor is not happy.


Dashcam captures plane crash at busy intersection in Washington state

Fortunately there were no serious injuries, as dramatic as the scene was.


Broncos sign RB Jamaal Charles to a one-year deal

He was only available for 3 games with the Chiefs last season due to knee problems and arthroscopic surgery on both knees. He'll turn 31 this season and he'll be earning $3.75 million.

C.J. Anderson, also coming off of knee surgery, is projected to be Denver's #1 RB. Charles is expected to play situationally along with Devontae Booker.


Are people generally less patient today than in the past?

There have always been impatient people, of course, but do you think we live in an era when people are generally more impatient than any time in memory? I'm guilty of it myself at times, particularly behind the wheel. I might mutter or curse on occasion if another driver is going too slow, for example. I rarely lose my cool with people one-on-one, however. I do notice a fair number of other people do though.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store. There was only one person ahead of me at the checkout, a woman in her mid-60s, I'd guess, in a motorized scooter. She clearly had health issues. As the cashier was ringing through the items, the woman mentioned that she'd forgotten canned tomatoes and asked the cashier if someone could get some for her, so the cashier called on the public address system for another employee. This delay elicited an audible "Holy Christ" from the clearly perturbed woman waiting behind me. I turned around to look at her and she averted her eyes. Perhaps she didn't mean to say it that loudly. Maybe she was having a bad day.

But these expressions of frustration over being held up for an extra 30 seconds or a minute seem to be more common, IMO, especially in places of mass transit.

It could have something to do with this technological age that we live in. We're accustomed to having answers and information at our fingertips -- it's often just a few keystrokes away. When that immediacy doesn't carry over to other real-life situations, we can get irritable.

Anyway, that's my take. If you didn't read this post until the end because you were too impatient, I fully understand!

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