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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,396

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The epic collapse of the Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa tied an NHL record this season with 62 wins. They finished the year with 128 points. The next best team (the Boston Bruins) had 107.

And the Bolts' season is over as of tonight. Swept out of the opening round of the playoffs by the Columbus Blue Jackets.


Just. Like. That.

DUers have made Mayor Pete the #2 overall choice

Just 1% behind Kamala Harris.

It's pretty tight among the top four candidates, but it sure is promising to see Pete Buttigieg among them. He's come from out of nowhere and is now turning heads everywhere.

Long way to go, but the debates can't come soon enough!

Pete for America!


Bill Weld announces he'll challenge Trump for GOP nomination

It's on CNN right now.

Weld was the 68th Governor of Massachusetts from 1991 to 1997 and the Libertarian Party's nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2016 election, sharing the ticket with Gary Johnson.

Isn't there an off switch?

Yet another reminder who Alberta's likely next premier really is...

So repugnant.

Is it time to give up on NOLA? Move people inland?

This sounds grim, but history is very likely to repeat itself. Perhaps with worse consequences...

After a $14-Billion Upgrade, New Orleans' Levees Are Sinking

Sea level rise and ground subsidence will render the flood barriers inadequate in just four years

The $14 billion network of levees and floodwalls that was built to protect greater New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was a seemingly invincible bulwark against flooding.

But now, 11 months after the Army Corps of Engineers completed one of the largest public works projects in world history, the agency says the system will stop providing adequate protection in as little as four years because of rising sea levels and shrinking levees.

The growing vulnerability of the New Orleans area is forcing the Army Corps to begin assessing repair work, including raising hundreds of miles of levees and floodwalls that form a meandering earth and concrete fortress around the city and its adjacent suburbs.

“These systems that maybe were protecting us before are no longer going to be able to protect us without adjustments,” said Emily Vuxton, policy director of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, an environmental group. She said repair costs could be “hundreds of millions” of dollars, with 75% paid by federal taxpayers.


Hero of the day!!

Atta boy (or girl)! Big treats in store for that pooch!

How tired are you of this Vaudeville act?

It's tired. It's damaging. It's well past time for it to come to an end!

Anyone feeling the least bit sorry for the ailing New York Yankees?

Catcher Gary Sanchez added to the injured list today with a strained calf.

He joins Luis Severino, Dellin Betances, Troy Tulowitzki, Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Andujar, Didi Gregorius and Aaron Hicks on that lengthy list.

The Yankees can look forward to the 2019 debut of pitcher CC Sabathia, however. He's expected to come off the IL either Friday or Saturday.

Anyway, to answer the question posed by this thread, I'm sure the answer is NO!!!!

For anyone who missed Rep. Katie Porter's dressing down of Jamie Dimon...

it's a master class in making a big-shot banking CEO look like a chump.

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