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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
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Jagmeet Singh commits to bring clean drinking water to every First Nation in Canada

which would be LONG overdue.


Giant spider takes siege of St. Louis Arch

Call in Godzilla!!

EEK! This spider was caught making itself at home on a camera pointed at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. It almost looks like the spider is climbing the arch!


Botham Jean's brother forgives Amber Guyger, hugs her in court



Hillary derails Rudy Colludy


Young Canadians' love affair with Trudeau on shaky ground as election nears

OTTAWA/TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be renowned internationally for his youthful persona and social media savvy, but even before the embarrassment of his recent blackface makeup scandal there were concerns about the support he needs from younger voters to win re-election.


A Nanos poll on Tuesday, commissioned by CTV News and the Globe and Mail, found the proportion of 18-to-29-year-olds who plan on voting Liberal was 27%, down from 38% on Aug. 2. Their Conservative support was 23% compared with 19% in August.

“These were the people that Trudeau didn’t just need on side, but needed on side enough to go cast a ballot,” said Shachi Kurl, executive director of polling firm Angus Reid, referring to concerns about low voter turnout.

In 2015, overall turnout for voters between 18-24 jumped from 39% in 2011 to 57%, while total voter turnout was 68.5%, the highest since 1993.

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