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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
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Ode to the forlorn kitty cat...

Billionaires who made massive pledges to help rebuild Nortre Dame largely haven't followed through

There are better causes they could donate their money to, but they publicly chose this one. Yet most of them have been negligent in actually turning over the cash...

“The big donors haven’t paid. Not a cent,” a senior official at the cathedral tells journalists. Far humbler sums are sent in, from far poorer individuals. “Beautiful gestures,” says one charity executive, but hardly les grands prix.

That prompts a newswire story, after which two of the wealthy donors, the Arnault and Pinault families, stump up €10m each. Followed by silence. Questions I put this week to the various donors and charities went largely unanswered. (Perhaps their offices are busy or emptied out by the summer holidays.)


“It is more blessed to give than to receive,” said Jesus. To which anyone surveying the Notre Dame debacle might advise the son of God to get a better brand manager. Because the billionaires who promised those vast sums have received all the credit while not giving more than a fraction of the money.

They have banked the publicity, while dreaming up small print that didn’t exist in the spring. As another charity executive, Célia Vérot, said: “It’s a voluntary donation, so the companies are waiting for the government’s vision to see what precisely they want to fund.” It’s as if the vast project of rebuilding a 12th-century masterpiece was a breakfast buffet from which one could pick and choose.


Podium positions for the second debates (visual)

39% of independent voters support Trump's handling of migrant children in concentration camps

I guess the good news is that the majority are opposed. But who are the 5% who dare to call themselves Democrats who are supportive of that atrocity???

Other findings from the poll:

This month’s survey of 1,543 registered voters was conducted online from July 13-15 and reveals that just 39% of Americans are “enthusiastic about voting to re-elect” Trump, while 45% are “enthusiastic about voting for a Democratic candidate” against Trump.


THE DRAW!!!!!!!

Who's going to be glued to their TV screen to watch CNN's much ballyhooed coverage of THE DRAW in a few hours? Boy oh boy, have they been hyping this really hard for days.

I'm curious but if I just read the results afterwards, that's perfectly fine by me. I am hoping we get to see Warren, Biden, Harris and Mayor Pete on the stage at the same time. That would be a real treat.

Mitch "not a racist" McConnell

Such superb judge of character, wouldn't you say?

New Elvis bio-pic on the way and the star has already been cast

What do you think based on looks alone?


Mayor Pete on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (July 14)

Seagull is the BOSS!

The unsuspecting never have a chance...


MLB hall of famer Bob Gibson diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Hall of Fame right-hander Bob Gibson, who won the Cy Young and National League MVP awards in 1968, sent a letter to living Hall of Famers informing them he is battling pancreatic cancer.

Gibson, widely considered one of the greatest pitchers of all time, was diagnosed with cancer several weeks ago, his longtime agent, Dick Zitzmann, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Zitzmann told the newspaper that he has spoken to Gibson and that chemotherapy is expected to begin Monday in Omaha, Nebraska, the pitcher's hometown. Gibson, who turns 84 in November, has been hospitalized in Omaha for the past two weeks.

Gibson went 22-9 and led the majors in ERA (1.12), shutouts (13) and strikeouts (268) in 1968 for the St. Louis Cardinals. The year before, he went the distance in three games, all wins, and St. Louis beat the Boston Red Sox in seven games in an epic World Series.

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