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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 12,280

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America the beautiful: college grad pays tribute to immigrant parents

in the fields where they work to give her a better chance in life.

"The whole reason I wanted to go back to the fields with my parents is because I wouldn't have the degree and the diploma if it wasn't for them. They sacrificed their backs, their sweat, their early mornings, late afternoons, working cold winters, hot summers just to give me and my sisters an education."

Can you say DREAMERS??


Canada keeping its borders shut to Americans (and others) until July 21


Republican party chain of command (easily explained so even ReThugs can follow it)

Where is LuckyCharms?

His last post was on April 26th. I know people take breaks from discussion forums. Maybe that's all it is. But I miss his quirky sense of humor and his contributions. Hope he makes a return soon.

Think this would be right for your pooch?

This pupper seems to like it!

Ever see a dog with wings? Now you have!

"Why does this blasted kid get so much attention around here anyway?"

"Young fella better learn his place!"

Prince would have been 63 today

RIP, you creative genius.

Julio Jones traded to the Tennessee Titans

The Atlanta Falcons agreed to trade star wide receiver Julio Jones to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

In exchange for Jones, the Titans will send a 2022 second-round draft pick and a 2023 fourth-round selection to the Falcons. Along with Jones, the Falcons will send a 2023 sixth-round pick to the Titans.

The deal is pending a physical, the Titans said. Robinson said talks picked up Saturday before the two teams agreed to terms Sunday. Besides Jones passing a physical, Robinson said the Titans also have work to do to fit Jones' contract under their salary cap. Robinson indicated that would likely be through restructuring contracts and not cutting players.

Titans players Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown have expressed on social media their interest in having Jones as a teammate. Late last month, Brown posted a TikTok video to Jones explaining why the Titans would be the perfect fit for the star receiver.


Anthony Bourdain's life portrayed in upcoming film Roadrunner

I miss this guy!

Here's the trailer:

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