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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 13,891

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Pete Buttigieg always composed, always insightful

Such an articulate fellow. Love that guy.


Remember when you whacked that croc with a frying pan?

Apparently this is from Australia...


Do you believe that a politician will be killed by fanatics within the next year?

It seems like the right is pushing things in that direction, even turning on their own. There's a fraction of them that are blood-thirsty and we know about the Gretchen Whitmer plot.

How long until the worst happens?


One of America's greatest problems summarized in a chart

I'm sure this has been posted before in various ways, but this illustrates what has gone so drastically wrong, and politicians (mostly on the right, IMO) have facilitated it:

Something MUST be done to reverse that. Taxing billionaires more sounds enticing to me, and Joe Biden has been touting exactly that. Go Joe!!

Doggo to the rescue!


The GOP moves further toward promoting hate and racism

This would be the Carl Paldino/Elise Stefanik edition. Just sick stuff. Link below the tweet to a NY Times article reporting the hateful remarks in 2016.

EDIT: He's from Buffalo and running in NY.



Rolling Stones kick off 60th anniversary tour in Europe

Just amazing that they're STILL performing and touring!

Apparently, you can teach an old Stones new tricks.

The Rolling Stones started their 60th anniversary European tour by reviving the song “Out of Time,” which they first recorded in 1966 but have never played live.

The song was on the British edition of the Aftermath album. It was later popularized by Chris Farlowe, who released a cover version of it in 1966. Farlowe’s version was produced by Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

The Stones appeared Wednesday at Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain.


Mick et al in Madrid:

Want to know a secret?

Shh! Don't tell anybody...

The Trump campaign's mixed messages to the Proud Boys

These poor guys. Unsure if they're wanted or unwanted. Won't somebody please think of the Proud Boys???

They're such a bunch of patsies, and they can't see it!


That feeling you get when your city has been destroyed...


Heartbreaking. This is on Putin, the "liberator." Go to hell, Vlad!
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