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A Small French Town Infused With Us-vs.-Them Politics

It's a long article, but I think it's worth a read if you want to understand what's happening in France recently. It's pretty sad, I think their ethnic and religious tensions are even worse than anything we've ever had in the US.


Millennial women are 'worried,' 'ashamed' of out-earning boyfriends and husbands

It's no longer rare for women in relationships to out-earn their husbands or boyfriends in 2015, for example, 38 percent of American wives made more money than their husbands but many women remain ambivalent about being breadwinners, reports Ashley C. Ford for Refinery29.

Ford, who is herself unbothered about making 70 percent more than her own male partner, tries to understand why so many of the millennials she speaks to report feeling concerned, or even ashamed, about the repercussions of their success.

The feedback they receive from the culture is clear: Men should be earning more so that they can provide for their families, and if they don't, it's symptomatic of a problem. These messages produce an "almost unavoidable emotional and psychological consequence," Ford writes. Women feel guilty. Men feel emasculated.

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