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Man accused of shooting catalytic converter thief, dragging body behind truck in Lakewood, WA

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A 54-year-old man is accused of shooting and killing another man who was attempting to steal a catalytic converter from his truck, and then dragging the man's body behind the truck and dumping it into a field in Lakewood. According to court documents, Michael Scott Campbell told police he was sleeping in his Ford F-150 around 3:45 a.m. Saturday when he was woken up by someone attempting to saw the catalytic converter off his truck. Campbell told police he saw two legs sticking out from under the truck when he opened the passenger door and fired “straight down” at the suspected thief. Campbell said he then fired two more shots at the man, according to court documents. The man attempted to get into his vehicle but collapsed, court documents say. Campbell told police he then tied the man to the ball hitch of the F-150. Campbell said he dragged the man into a nearby field and left him.

Campbell told police the suspected thief was still alive and talking when he was tied up and dragged to the field before being abandoned, according to court documents. According to court documents, a truck driver was sleeping in their vehicle in the parking lot where the incident took place and was woken up by a loud noise. The witness told police he saw two men in the parking lot in front of his truck and recognized one of the men as Campbell. Shortly after, documents say, the witness saw Campbell get into his truck and began dragging an object behind the truck through the parking lot to the field nearby. The witness told police Campbell was in the field for about a minute before he drove back to the parking lot. The witness called 911 and “narrated the events to the 911 dispatcher because of the suspicious nature,” according to court documents.

After Campbell returned to the parking lot, the witness said he saw Campbell get into the victim’s vehicle, drive away, and return a few minutes later on foot. Campbell was then seen picking up items on the ground around the area and drove off in the F-150. When officers arrived, they found a “significant” amount of blood in the gravel parking lot, along with tire marks and a “distinctive drag mark.” Authorities were able to follow the drag mark directly to the victim’s body, according to court documents.

Police say the grisly homicide is the latest chapter of increased incidents of catalytic converter thefts. But police say converters are not being taken because of what they can do, but because of what they’re made of. "The reason they’re going after the catalytic converter is to recycle the precious metals that’re inside," said Sgt. Darren Moss Jr. of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. "That process is not one that anyone can do, you have to take it to a recycling center that will extract the metal from those converters."


Seattle police officer killed while trying to help at crash scene on I-5, then thief steals her car

A Seattle police officer who had just finished a shift was killed early Sunday while attempting to render assistance at a three-car collision on Interstate 5 just south of downtown Seattle. Assistant Chief Tom Mahaffey of the Seattle Police Department said the officer’s family and the entire department are devastated by the loss. The officer was 38-year-old Alexandra Brenneman Harris, who went by Lexi, her father Laird Harris said Sunday. She had served with SPD for five years.

The Washington State Patrol is looking for an individual involved in the collision who subsequently stole Harris’ private vehicle, WSP Capt. Ron Mead said. The three-car collision happened at about 1:18 a.m. Sunday in the HOV lane of southbound I-5, where traffic had piled up due to an earlier 10- to 13-car collision, police said. The earlier incident occurred around 11:43 p.m. Saturday on southbound I-5 near Spokane Street.

Harris had gotten out of her car to help when she was struck by the driver of a fourth vehicle. After Harris was hit but before state police arrived, one of the drivers involved in the three-car collision drove off in Harris’ private vehicle, state police said. That vehicle was found abandoned Sunday morning and is being held for evidence, according to a WSP news release.

“It really speaks to where we are as a society, where we have such callousness when it comes to loss of life,” Mead said at a news conference in Bellevue on Sunday afternoon.


Shots for slots: Columbus casino offers free slot money to vaccinated

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– Hollywood Casino will host a vaccine clinic Saturday in partnership with Columbus Public Health to help bring COVID-19 vaccines to the city’s west side.

‘The vaccination rate in the casino’s zip code is only around 36% which is lower than the rest of the county. This clinic gives us the opportunity to take the vaccine to that neighborhood so we can reduce barriers and protect more people,” Columbus Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts said in a press release.

As an incentive, the casino will also give those 21 and older who get their shot at the event $10 in slot money.

“[Columbus Public Health] brought some of their stats, and figures saying that the zip code that we’re presently in is actually the lowest vaccinated zip code in the city,” said Hollywood Casino Columbus marketing manager Steve Newsome. “So we said, we have our event center, we have a ton of space to be able to host this event. So we invited them in and decided to throw a $10 free slot play carrot to it as well.”


Incredible video shows 2 Chicago police officers, gunman shot in an instant


All survived the incident.

South African woman gives birth to 10 babies in Pretoria - reports

A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies in what would be a new world record.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole's husband says they were astonished by decuplets after scans only showed eight in the womb.

"It's seven boys and three girls. I am happy. I am emotional. I can't talk much," her husband Teboho Tsotetsi told Pretoria News after the birth.

One South African official confirmed the births to the BBC, however another said they were yet to see the babies.

Guinness World Records told the BBC it was investigating Ms Sithole's case.


New lockdowns in China right now, millions under quarantine

Oh boy, here we go again. It must be really, really bad if they're locking down again.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) -Authorities in the southern Chinese industrial hub of Guangzhou on Saturday imposed more restrictions on business and social activity, seeking to curb the spread of COVID-19 cases.


Panic buying happening there right now too, no one can leave the province.


Woman gets back $1M lottery ticket she had thrown away

SOUTHWICK, Mass. -- A Massachusetts woman who accidentally tossed out a $1 million lottery ticket eventually collected her winnings thanks to the kindness and honesty of the owners of the store where she bought it.

Lea Rose Fiega bought the $30 Diamond Millions scratch-off ticket in March at the Lucky Stop convenience store in Southwick near were she works.

“I was in a hurry, on lunch break, and just scratched it real quick, and looked at it, and it didn't look like a winner, so I handed it over to them to throw away," she said Monday.

The ticket lay behind the counter for 10 days.

“One evening, I was going through the tickets from the trash and found out that she didn’t scratch the number,” Abhi Shah, the son of the store's owners told WWLP-TV. “I scratched the number and it was $1 million underneath the ticket.”

Fiega is a regular customer, so the family knew immediately who had discarded it.

Shah went to see Fiega at work.

“He came to my office and said ‘my Mom and Dad would like to see you,'” she said. “I said ‘I'm working,' and he said ‘no you have to come over.' So I went over there and that's when they told me. I was in total disbelief. I cried, I hugged them.”

Fiega said overcoming a near fatal bout with COVID-19 in January was like “winning the lottery,” so she feels doubly fortunate.

“I mean, who does that? They're great people. I am beyond blessed," she said.

The store gets a $10,000 bonus from the state lottery commission for selling the winning ticket. Fiega said she gave the family an additional reward. She's saving the rest for retirement.


Jeffrey Epstein guards won't get jail time, make deal with prosecutors

The two Bureau of Prisons workers tasked with guarding Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself in a New York jail have admitted they falsified records, but they will skirt any time behind bars under a deal with federal prosecutors, authorities said Friday.The prison workers, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, were accused of sleeping and browsing the internet instead of monitoring Epstein the night he took his own life in August 2019.

They were charged with lying on prison records to make it seem as though they had made required checks on the financier before he was found in his cell. New York City’s medical examiner ruled Epstein’s death a suicide. As part of the deal with prosecutors, they will enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department and will serve no time behind bars, according to a letter from federal prosecutors that was filed in court papers Friday.


Could Trump know important state secrets that he's using as leverage to not get imprisoned?

The lack of any push to imprison him even after something as bad as 1/6 makes me wonder this. Presidents are supposed to be privileged to certain important state secrets, could he be using that as leverage?

Belgian manhunt for heavily armed far-right soldier

Special Belgian police units are searching for a heavily armed soldier with far-right views who they believe poses a serious threat. The suspect has been named as Jurgen Conings, a military shooting instructor who took weapons from a barracks. He is said to have made threats in the past against virologist Marc Van Ranst, who led Belgium's public health response to coronavirus. Mr Van Ranst and his family have been taken to a safe place.

Latest reports say as many as 350 police and some military have been deployed in and around a national park near the Dutch border. Six shots or "detonations" were reportedly heard in the area at 18:35 local time (17:35 BST) but it is unclear if this was gunfire. A motorway going through the area was closed because of the operation. Questions are now being asked why a known far-right sympathiser was allowed access to military weapons. Reports said he had taken the arms from the base at Leopoldsburg on the pretext of organising target practice.

Police appealed to the public not to approach the suspect but to get in touch if he was spotted. Authorities say he represents the highest level of threat on their scale of four and may have plans to attack either individuals or institutions. For hours a forest was searched near the town of Dilsen-Stokkem, not far from his home in the northern province of Limburg, after a car said to belong to the soldier was spotted containing heavy weapons.

Inside the car they found four anti-tank rocket-launchers and ammunition but believe the suspect is still armed with other guns, including a sub-machinegun, and carrying a bulletproof vest. Police then closed the Hoge Kempen national park, a 12,000-hectare area (46 sq miles) of forest and heathland, not far from the Dutch border. Reports say several barracks have been closed, and soldiers barred from leaving. Newspaper Le Soir reports that special forces have entered the area with an armoured vehicle.

Reports described him as a "potentially highly violent extremist". He is said to have left letters indicating he is prepared for a deadly battle with police and "could no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything away from us".

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