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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
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The messaging on masks and vaccines has been weak to say the least.

I assumed that we would see a spend in the hundreds of millions to convince some of those who believe masks and vaccinations don't work or are part of a conspiracy, that they have been misinformed. I struggle to see any real effort to change hearts and minds.

I am pissed that a family member has died of Covid, and about a thousand a day are dying, and the real-world economy is being further damaged, and that may not have happened if fearmongering, bare-faced lies, anti-science, anti-anything that isn't Trumpian wasn't allowed to fester.

We can blame the right. We can blame Fox and other media on the right. We can blame the crazies. We can say, "it's their fault." That doesn't address the problem. The problem is misinformation. If we (the Democratic Party) don't have a strategy to tackle misinformation, and not only about Covid, but about every single thing. if we don't yell at least as loud as the right, we risk losing everything. We risk Trump, or another fascist winning power in 2024.

"Screw them," isn't an answer. I'd appreciate your views and suggestions on what Democrats need to be doing.

Maine lawmaker's unvaccinated wife dies, and days later he attends an anti-vax rally invoking Nazis.

A Republican lawmaker in Maine who reportedly lost his unvaccinated wife to COVID-19 attended an anti-vaxxer protest just over a week after her death, according to the Daily Beast.

State Rep. Chris Johansen, who has vocally opposed coronavirus restrictions, joined GOP lawmakers at the Augusta rally to protest Democratic Gov. Janet Mills's mandate that all healthcare workers get vaccinated, Newsweek reported.

At the Tuesday event, a Republican colleague reportedly compared Mills to Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who performed cruel experiments on Jewish prisoners at death camps during the Holocaust, the Daily Beast said.


You're surrounded by Trumpers around a dining table. How to make points about Covid in 5 easy steps.

1/ Before you eat, place your hands together and tell your dining companions that you would like to say a prayer.
You are now in a very unusual position. A Democrat with a lot of Republicans listening to you.

2/ Now, in your own words, thank the Lord for bringing you all together, and if appropriate, the love or friendship you all share. You already have everyone's full attention!

3/ Now, say in your own words that you ask that the Lord gives strength to all those who are sick, especially those who are sick during this difficult time, and in particular to the unvaccinated who are the most badly affected. Say that you pray that the Lord blesses those in the medical profession who are under enormous pressure because hospitals are filled to capacity and that you hope the Lord helps to guide the unvaccinated to make the right choice before many more die. Note: you have actually been able to make points about Covid without anyone butting in!

4/ Now we bring the prayer back to something all will agree on. For example, thank the Lord for the meal you are about to receive and for continuing to bring love hope and inspiration.

5/ Amen!
You did it!

I don't demean sexual harassment, but we have two governors. One a groper. The other a serial killer

Hundreds upon hundreds of people are dying in Florida for no good reason. DeSantis is fighting tooth and nail to prevent masking, and to spread misinformation. Why is it that we do not hear a choir of voices demanding DeSantis resign?

I feel that we need to hold Republicans to the same standard as Cuomo. Please read comment number 50

I have edited this OP after listening to critical comments.

Why is there such a double standard? DeSantis for example is killing Floridians in broad daylight. Who is calling on him to resign? Not making excuses or defending Cuomo. I accept some Democrats called on Trump to resign over abuse allegations, but like Al Franken, it seems to me a different standard is being applied.
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