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It's time for Biden administration to be aggressive in attacking the maskless and unvaccinated.

They are filling the hospitals. They are spreading the virus. They are responsible for the new surge. They are the reason so many are dying. They are the reason the economy isn't doing even better. They need to be called out, and the media outlets that feed misinformation need to be called out. I don't know about you, but I am tired of Republicans controlling the media narrative because they yell out their lies so loudly.

They need to be blamed, loudly and clearly, by the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers, day after day after day until this nightmare is over, because the GOP will make sure Joe Biden gets the blame for everything the assholes are responsible for. and Donald Trump will become our dictator, and that will be the end of America. This isn't the time to be passive. This is the time to fight back aggressively before we lose everything.

UK new daily covid cases hit 900,000 USA equivalent, but wait until you see the number of deaths.

UK at 183,000 new cases, but only 57 deaths. Yesterday 168,000 new cases, 29 deaths.
Compare to USA 313,000 cases yesterday and 1,811 deaths.


My idea for a government-sponsored vaccination/mask ad campaign. What do you think?

Masked man in supermarket to another masked customer: "Thank you for wearing a mask."
Masked woman at movie theater to another masked movie goer: "Thank you for doing the right thing!"
Man behind counter at takeaway restaurant to customer: "Thank you for thinking of others and wearing your mask."
Repeat similar three second vignettes ten times and then text on screen: "Thank you to those who are saving lives. Together we can beat this."

Repeat style of campaign for vaccinations.

My in-law family drive me mad. What advice can you give me?

I've got an uncle - wife's father's brother. Here's what he said about coronavirus yesterday: "They brought it into America from China to help the Democrats win with all the postal votes. They know how to stop it, but they won't. They are withholding it from the public. Masks don't do a damn thing."

Then my wife's brother is an anti-vaxxer, climate denier who thinks masks don't work. I never see him now because in other ways he has proven to be a selfish bastard, such as taking care of his parents--he left it to me and my wife. His kids (in their twenties) believe the same stuff. We are seeing one of them tomorrow.

My wife gets upset with me when I express how I feel about them, which is that I believe all their willingness to believe conspiracy theories without evidence is because they are racist. What advice can you offer me?

What is Donald Trump's favorite holiday?


GDP growth forecast for USA slashed for next year because one man put himself first (Joe Manchin).

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. lowered its forecast for U.S. economic growth after Senator Joe Manchin said Sunday he won’t support the $2 trillion tax-and-spending plan that’s the heart of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

The bank’s economic research team cut next year’s real GDP forecast to 2% from 3% in first quarter, 3% from 3.5% in second quarter, 2.75% from 3% in third quarter.


New Spiderman movie takes quarter a billion dollars in USA this weekend. How many will die of covid?

Huge audience, third biggest opening of all time. 250 million USA. Nearly 600 million worldwide. Shares of AMC were up 18.7% on Friday. Yay! Let's celebrate! People are crowding back into the movie theaters! Don't worry about a little thing called the worst pandemic for 100 years.


Republicans are shamelessly working to subvert democracy. Are Democrats paying attention?

Folks, Democracy in America may only last for three years. The groundwork by Republicans is being done to make that happen. Too few take this threat seriously. If we do not get that message across, it's all over. Yes, in three years, America could be a Trump dictatorship with the support of Republicans and the inaction of Democrats. This article makes the case that we are not doing nearly enough. We all need to be scared of what could easily happen.


Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington state, said: “It’s still very difficult to imagine the severity and depth of what Donald Trump tried to pull off. It’s hard sometimes to recognise something when it’s new. For the president of the United States to try and stage a coup is unprecedented. It’s hard for people to wrap their heads around it.”

Inslee described Trump as “a clear and present danger” who is “trying to remove the impediments that rescued democracy last time”. State governors are not the only ones sounding the alarm about the dangers of complacency or assuming that normal service has resumed.

Jena Griswold, a Colorado Democrat seeking re-election, is chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, which focuses on electing Democrats to those positions. She said while there’s been a surge of attention from activists and donors to those races, “it is not enough.”


Like Griswold, Benson, who describes herself as “avowedly not a partisan”, said she noticed increased interest from voters and independent donors, but not from the national Democratic party.

“We’re not seeing the same sense of urgency that perhaps ‘the other side’ has shown in investing in these offices,” she said. “With the exception of the vice-president, who’s been enormously supportive and gets the importance of these offices from a voting rights standpoint, I have seen no significant increase in support from national party leaders than what we experienced in 2018, which wasn’t insignificant.”

Acolytes of the so-called “Stop the Steal” movement are drilling down even deeper, targeting local election oversight positions that have traditionally been nonpartisan and little noticed, with only a few hundred votes at stake and candidates often running unopposed. Yet these too could pull at the threads of the democratic fabric.


Levin, a former congressional staffer, noted that the Democratic party is not a monolith but warned that Biden has devoted his political capital – traveling the country to make speeches, holding meetings on Capitol Hill – to causes such as infrastructure rather than the future of democracy.

“The big missing puzzle piece in this entire fight for the last 11 months has been the president.”


Article by Sam Levine in New York and David Smith in Washington


Liz Cheney is a hero. But she is doing what any decent human being should do in her position.

She is standing up for Americans who do not want to be ruled by an autocrat. You should expect any lawmaker to do that. People have died for the right to free and fair elections. They gave their lives for us. That she is treated like a pariah by Republican lawmakers and the Republican propaganda machine, Fox News, shows how fascist Republicans have become. How will Liz Cheney be remembered and how will Trump and the seditious Republicans be remembered? She will be a hero. They will be remembered as traitors who tried to steal America,

Where are the demands that Fox News Hosts resign?

It has been revealed that Fox News hosts sent texts on January 6 urging that Trump call off the rioters, yet as we know, they then claimed to viewers that the rioters were leftists and Antifa, with few Trump supporters, and they have since downplayed that Trump was in any way responsible.

They knowingly watched Trump's plan unfold to overthrow the election result, and knew Trump had the power to stop it, but they lied to their viewers. They didn't give a fuck that people might die, or that American democracy could be a thing of the past until they worried it might affect them.

Why isn't every Democrat lawmaker demanding heads roll at Fox News or at least telling Trumpers that they all need to be very angry at Fox News for playing both sides?

It's exactly the same with vaccine mandates. Fox News has a vaccine mandate for all employees, but they preach against vaccine mandates to their viewers. They are happy for ordinary folk to die by turning covid into a culture war, while at the same time, they are safe. They need to be called out to their viewers. All that anger their viewers have needs to be redirected at them.
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