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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
Number of posts: 8,328

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Fake Rasmussen polls: Biden approval LOWER than Trump!

Trump final Fake Rasmussen poll: 51% (compare to ARG poll at 30% or 538 average at 38.6%)

Joe Biden Fake Rasmussen approval: 49% (compare to 538 average at 54%)

UK newspaper front page mocks Trump: "That was weird! We had a dream of a narcissistic loon."


Trump pardons are obviously for sale.

There's news that Trump is weighing a pardon for Steve Bannon. He's "weighing" it. Either pardon your corrupt inner circle or don't pardon them. But to announce "I am weighing it," suggests the scales need to be tilted more towards Trump. The pardon is just hanging there over Steve Bannon's head, and Trump is effectively saying "I'm thinking about it, but I need a better deal."

If I announced I was "weighing" whether to give a billion dollar contract to one particular person over others, it would look obvious that I was looking for a bribe. Trump is doing the same thing. These pardons are obviously an exercise in quid pro quo. It would be out of character for Trump, the ultimate grifter, if he wasn't cashing in.


A preview of Trump's sad, pathetic, lonely, walk of shame from the White House next week!


Morning Consult Poll: Trump approval 34%. Disapproval 63%


My three-point plan for ensuring a peaceful transition

The first part of this plan is for Trump to be informed that because of the way he has handled his presidency, he will receive special recognition award from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to be presented early next month.

Trump will then be able to boast about his special prize that he will describe as "the greatest award the world has ever seen." It will be leaked to Trump that Obama is a little bit jealous. So, Trump will have something to look forward to, a shining moment to celebrate his presidency, and hopefully he will behave himself during his last few days in the White House to ensure he gets it.

Now, it is early February, and Trump receives his award in front of the world's media. However, that is when he learns that it is a special award to acknowledge the dangers of fascism. Trump is being given the award to acknowledge that he has been the worst American president ever and has done more harm than any other president. The statue will be of an orange, overweight man with a ridiculous combover, and Trump, the clown, will once again be a laughing stock to the world!

Dear Kirstie Alley......Put your open letter to Kirsty Alley here

Dear Kirstie Alley, your outspoken public support for Donald Trump is very touching, but WTF are you doing complaining that his Twitter has been taken away? What world are you living in? Why would you want to give a platform to the first president in history who wants to be king for life and won't accept the results of an election, and lies about election fraud to millions of followers, an election that has been certified by lawmakers and challenged in court 63 times, by judges mostly appointed by Republicans, including the highest court in the land? Is this what you want for America? Why do you seem so keen to throw away our democracy?

Four died in the Benghazi attack and there were TEN investigations. How many for US Capitol attack?

Why is PBS filming where the Senators are evacuating? Why did PBS report no police in building

before break-in. Seems like they are giving protestors or even terrorists too much info.

Ted Cruz climbed aboard the wrong wagon and now his political career is in a ditch.

He is one reason why Republicans lost in GA. He's gathered the support of less than a quarter of Republican Senators. Spreading conspiracy theories about voter fraud didn't do anything to elect Republicans. I can only imagine how much most GOP Senators must hate his guts. He thinks he can be the new Trump. Go for it! Follow in the footsteps of the world's biggest loser!
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