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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
Number of posts: 8,308

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Do you think a deal should be done with Trump - he encourages a peaceful transition in exchange

for going easy on his crimes?


I see a lot of "no" replies.

Specifically, I'm think of the damage Trump can do before he leaves, in particular inciting civil unrest.

Okay, how about if he was told something along the lines of: "These are all the charges you will face. However, if you want us to play nice, you need to do the same." Then, when Trump leaves office, he is still arrested.

Meanwhile, 1,201 new Covid deaths. 108,000 new cases. Expect almost a million new cases in a week

at this rate of increases. Will hit 10 million US cases by Friday.


Thank God for president-elect Biden to give us a chance to bring this under control, but how many are going to die before that happens?

NYT Big shift back to Biden in Georgia. 64% chance, Trump lead down to 3%. 91% reporting.


Fox News projects Dems gain 5 House seats

Posted on 538

Fox News’s Decision Desk announced a little while ago that Democrats would hold onto the House and even gain a five seats over the 233 they currently hold.

NOV. 3, 9:40 PM

North Carolina voting analysis.

The Democrats currently have a big lead: using the registered supporters metric, they’re ahead by eleven points.

Now, this lead is very similar to 2016, when they lost the State to the Republicans.

But there’s a big difference: in 2016, the total early vote was much smaller (it was 3.1 million, a total that has already been surpassed) and there were 1.6 million votes on the day. This time, the number will be far smaller – I’d guess less than a million. That means that President Trump has to win “on the day voting” by three-to-one or more to be in with a shot. Doable? Yes. Easy? No Siree.

One last thought. At current rates of voting, and assuming that Biden is picking up half unaffiliated voters, Biden will pass Clinton’s vote total at the end of day on Thursday – a full four days before the election.


France hits 52,000 cases in one day, with a population one-fifth of America.


Why is Trump making a surprise recovery in the betting markets?

If you have been following WH2020 polling you’ll be aware that the numbers are still very much with Biden at both a national and a state level.

But this is not being reflected in the current betting. What is the biggest political gambling event of all time as is shown in the Smarkets chart above and as can be seen the gap is closing.



Holy Bunions! France (with population of one-fifth of USA) has 32,000 Covid cases in a day.

That is out of control.


538 now puts Biden ahead in Georgia!

Polling average

Trump: 46.5%
Biden: 48.0%

Projected vote share for Nov. 3

Trump: 49.5%
Biden: 49.7%


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