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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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This is desperation - The only way Trump can take the lead on an opinion poll!

I saw an ad for a poll, while on DU. I clicked on it, and it took me to a Trump website page with these poll questions that show how utterly desperate and pathetic Trump is:

Who do you think would win in a debate?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who do you think is more equipped to debate on the economy?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who do you think is more equipped to debate on immigration?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who do you think is more equipped to debate on healthcare?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who would you vote for if the 2020 Election were today?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

If you were president what would you do to get the spread of the virus under control?

The current strategy isn't working. The numbers are going to keep increasing. The bodies are going to pile up. We don't have a clue when it is going to end, or even reach a peak.

How do we know that thousands a day won't be dying in three month, or six months or even a year? Are we going to keep much of the economy shut down? How many lives will be lost or ruined? We haven't a clue. All we know is the figures are only going in the wrong direction and we have lost the window that China and South Korea used to bring it under control.

Imagine you were president. What would you do to save lives, save the economy and maybe save America? I have my own ideas, but I am interested in what you would do.

I am ready to do my bit and help Donald Trump.

What will be left of our nation by the time Trump has squandered it with his bigoted, science-denying agenda? Not a lot.

The America that we once knew will be in ruins. It will need to be rebuilt. Everything we knew will have to be remade from scratch to restore the values that we as a nation held dear and the respect we commanded around the world.

I am therefore happy to help Donald Trump at his time of need by offering him a new slogan that will appeal to even his most dim-witted supporters.


Has anyone else received their "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines" through the mail?

What it doesn't say -

It doesn't say keep 6' away from others in public places.

It doesn't say stop your kids gathering in groups of 10 people.

It doesn't say keep your kids home (unless they are sick).

It offers no advice if you are sick, other than stay home

Some of the writing is so small, and in white italics, I had to put two pairs of glasses on.

This administration can't do anything without fucking it up. These admissions will cost more lives.

The handling of the stimulus is pathetic and I fear it will cost many lives.

The compliance and subservience to Trump's inaction and incompetence by lawmakers on both sides, makes me feel sick. Yes, we need to help those who need financial help, but I feel we have completely lost focus on the thing that is causing the need for a two trillion dollar package - Covid 19. What does the two trillion do about it?

What the hell are lawmakers doing to stop the spread of the disease? That question hasn't been answered.

For a minuscule fraction of two trillion dollars, we could be doing a lot to bring it under control. Widespread testing for a start. We need to know who has it and we need to isolate those people to instantly stop this virus in its tracks. But Trump says no to this, so our lawmakers must comply. What the hell is wrong with them? Wake up! We are going the same way as Italy and Spain. Over 10,000 new USA cases just today.

Healthcare workers and all those facing the public need to have results from testing within a day, so they aren't going back onto the front line, waiting for results. Those who have already had it in any industry and have fully recovered, they can go back to work.

I am not going to name individuals, for I will risk my post being flagged, but I heard one senior lawmaker being interviewed who didn't talk about testing, didn't talk about getting the same level of equipment to medical workers that proved to provide protection in China and South Korea, didn't talk about what we need to do to get on top of this epidemic to save lives. Ten percent of cases in Italy are healthcare workers. That is the route we are going down. We can spend two trillion dollars but medical workers are being told to make their own masks. The real heroes are those on the front lines, putting their lives at risk, worried about becoming infected and passing it on to their families, working long hours in intolerable stress, watching people die, making or witnessing painful decisions about who can live or die with the resources they have. For fucks sack, lawmakers give them the support they need.

This is pathetic and I don't see any real pushback on our own side. Every single essential worker who is facing the public needs to be wearing a mask, pharmacy workers, supermarket workers, gas station workers, repairmen, etc. They are not. Why not, when we have two trillion to spend?

We can expect Trump to be prepared to sacrifice many lives and allow the insidious spread of the disease to accelerate, but why the hell aren't our own lawmakers taking this seriously? Sorry, but they are taking as seriously as they think climate change is a real problem. Their inaction is going to kill a lot of people. It is blood on their hands on both sides.

Within a week America will be the Coronavirus capital of the world.

That's what the figures show. America will have more cases than China, and yet Trump expects it to be over by Easter. Sorry about the language, but he's a fucking idiot.

Two nations have got this under control, China and South Korea, because they took rapid action including contact tracing, massive testing, compared to USA, where it is still hard to get tested for most people. We trail the rest of the world on testing and wasted time to let the disease spread, largely because of poor leadership. We are going to be having thousands of deaths a day and he thinks things will be better in 19 days.

What is America doing to lead the rest of the world through this crisis?

Is there any leadership at all by our fake president? Is there any desire to work with other nations, not in trying to pouch scientists, taking Covid 19 test materials from Italy and closing borders, but to be a leader who can bring the world together to defeat this virus and the subsequent economic collapse?

I hate to say it, but, at least initially, Trump's approval will probably go up.

This is a national crisis, and at times of national crisis, presidential approvals tend to go up. 9/11, is the classic example, when W's approval hit 90%. The nation looks to the president as their leader to steer them through choppy seas. The low-information voter will see him as a leader who has a difficult job.

Secondly, no matter how bad things get, on the coronavirus victims, on the economy, on the financial suffering, or on the disruption to regular life, he will always have somebody else to blame.

Third, Republicans are rigid in their support and will believe that "this would be the same situation with any president." They will stand by Trump, no matter what. He has a cult following. His supporters are blinded by prejudice and anger, and that isn't going to change.

It just keeps getting worse - 368 deaths in Italy yesterday.


Biden should refuse to debate Sanders.

It is obvious Sanders can't win. We don't need to have a debate where one candidate is tearing down another to win points. There is nothing to gain.
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