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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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With RBG gone, I fear Trump with the support of Barr will claim Trump the winner on election day.

They will question the legitimacy of the postal votes as those results come in, during the next days, and launch an investigation that will supposedly find widespread fraud. Now the Supreme Court will be stacked in Trump's favor. We then have a dictator installed and become a fully fledged annex of Russia.

Funeral during a pandemic - your advice wanted.

My wife has arranged (with her brother and friends) an indoor memorial service for her mother, in a large hall. We are in a top 10 state for cases and deaths, and a lot of folk from around the worst hit counties. I would rather not reveal every detail to maintain anonymity.

So, we expect around 40 people and there's going to be a memorial service that is supposed to be socially distanced and we have asked that people wear masks, although some known anti-masker Trump supporters will be in attendance, at least one very outspoken against masks.

There's going to be a reception afterwards with food and drink. Obviously, people won't be able to wear masks at that point if they are eating. I feel very uncomfortable with this. My anxiety is through the roof about it. I know other people ignore common sense and that is why 200,000 people have died. How many bodies does it take to do the right thing?

What advice would you give me. I have already argued with my wife and achieved nothing. Should I just go with the flow? Should I insist that there shouldn't be a food and drink reception? If so, what can I say to my wife in a way that she will understand? Or what should I do? Thanks in advance for your advice.

There were 10 Benghazi inquiries, why no pre-election inquiry into Trump's coronavirus response?

4 died in Benghazi and 10, yes 10 investigations, compared to 194,624 (officially) dead of coronavirus and rising, and a president who has lied about it, downplayed it, and made it much worse.
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