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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Tale of two leaders. Merkel: 275 new cases yesterday, 6 deaths. Trump: 23,290 cases, 1015 deaths.

Trump (April 11): If under 100,000 Americans die from coronavirus we've done a good job

By his own measure, he hasn't done a good job.


Trump's hydroxychloroquine claim is no different from what he has always done.

Whether he grossly exaggerates or lies about his achievements, his health or political opponents, each time a claim is thrown into question in a high-profile way, he has to double down and provide evidence that he thinks shows he is right.

A letter from a doctor that he dictated himself, fake financial statements, reference to "many other people" who have told him a fiction, a sharpie to change the projection of a hurricane, a doctored photo to prove he had the biggest inauguration crowd ever, a fake commission that was going to prove he was right about voter fraud that favored Democrats, fake investigators who were going to prove Obama wasn't born in America - he knows that by providing more fake evidence to support his untruths, he always gets away with it and avoids humiliation.

To Trump, falsely claiming that he is taking hydroxychloroquine
proves to everyone that he is right, after Dr Fauci and even Fox News have warned against it. He thinks that it proves to others that it is safe. He is right and they are all wrong and here's the proof. To paraphrase: "I am taking it and a lot of the front-line medical staff are taking it, so I must be right." The (fake) fact that he is willing to take it himself, proves it must be okay.

In fact, it makes him look more ridiculous, in the same way that using a sharpie to alter the projection of a hurricane made him look ridiculous, but his self-awareness is fading fast. His vanity means he can never admit he is wrong. It just isn't an option. After a lifetime of telling lies, that will never change. And after a lifetime of grifting, you can bet he's somehow wanting to profit from it.

Thank God for disease, death and hardship! Most believers think Covid is a sign from from God.

As an atheist, I read this and think "God help us!"

The poll found that 31% of Americans who believe in God feel strongly that the virus is a sign of God telling humanity to change, with the same number feeling that somewhat. Evangelical Protestants are more likely than others to believe that strongly, at 43%, compared with 28% of Catholics and mainline Protestants.

The question was asked of all Americans who said they believe in God, without specifying a specific faith. The survey did not have a sample size large enough to report on the opinions of religious faiths with smaller numbers of U.S. adherents, including Muslims and Jews.

In addition, black Americans were more likely than those of other racial backgrounds to say they feel the virus is a sign God wants humanity to change, regardless of education, income or gender. Forty-seven percent say they feel that strongly, compared with 37% of Latino and 27% of white Americans.


With equal to 167,000 US Covid deaths, adjusted for population, UK's Boris Johnson has 55% approval

Proving you don't have to be an American to be a dumbass!


With states reopening, under Trump's leadership, daily cases in USA jump 50%

Egged on by the idiot in the Whitehouse, as states reopened this week and millions of people followed his example of ignoring social distancing and mask-wearing, new daily cases in USA went from 18,000 on Monday to over 27,000 on Thursday.


Fox News Hypocrisy over Trump's Covid-19 response, compared to Ebola.

See how they held the black president to a completely different standard to the orange fake president.

USA: Lowest number of new daily cases for six weeks. What does this mean?

Is this a trend?

Is the spread of the virus now under control?

Will cases increase with the reopening of many states?


UK has made no progress in reducing the number of new cases for a whole month.

Unlike most other nations who see a peak, followed by a decline in new cases, the UK has made no progress. That's the result of having an idiot in charge, ignoring the pandemic for months and a lack of testing (sounds familiar?). Now the UK is reopening and people are expected to go back to work.


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