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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Do you think that Joe Biden should be brutally honest about the damage Trump has done to America?

Much of Joe Biden's work will be repairing the damage Trump left behind. I would hate for this to be portrayed by the right as just reversing what a former president did for the hell of it. Biden needs to take credit for repairing America.

I hope that early on, his Administration lists all the damage, the damage to relationships, the ripping up of treaties, the economic inequalities, the persecution of minorities, the damage to the environment, the corruption, the loss of leadership in the world, the misinformation, etc.

I believe that not pointing the finger at Trump would be a failure to acknowledge the truth and the scale of the job Joe Biden has to face. These are extraordinary times, and doing to Trump what we did to Bush Jnr (going easy on him and ignoring his war crimes) would be a big mistake.

US coronavirus figures suppressed today by national holiday.


"Only" 108,000 new cases and 1300 deaths.

These figures are slightly more that half of what is expected, given the trend.

The president isn't doing his job, only interested in stealing election, so why is his approval 44%?

44.2% approval according to 538. Even if they are racists, why do they support him right now when he isn't doing any of the basic functions of a president?

We are watching the looting of our democracy. What is being done to stop it?

Where is the fightback? Where is the effort to control the narrative? Where is the public information campaign to inform the American people what Trump is doing? How many millions more people are going to become uncertain that Joe won fairly, while Trump rubbishes the integrity of the votes? Now Trump is meeting Michigan lawmakers to give them their orders? When are the Biden campaign/Democratic lawmakers going to at least try to set the record straight in the eyes of America? We cannot just assume that Trump is going nowhere with this coup attempt. He is damaging us in the meantime. He will burn America to the ground if he is left unchecked.

All living former presidents need to step forward and address the Trump attack on our democracy.

The way things are going, a third of Americans aren't going to accept that Joe Biden won. This is a crisis that threatens our democracy, our nation, and our peace. Trump would love to burn America to the ground and set Americans against Americans. We need senior leaders of both parties to speak out and nip this in the bud. They need to do it in a forceful and united way, calling out Trump for what he is and the damage he is doing.

A lot more Republicans than Democrats are going to die of Covid.

With this election win, more than ever, Democrats are going to listen to the words of Joe Biden who says wear a facemask, keep your distance, Covid is a real threat.

On the other side, Trump is stoking up more anger at what he is portraying as a stolen election. He will still be holding his rallies and stirring up more hatred, based on his grievances and lies. Effectively, Trump is still going to be their idol. He's still going to be their cult leader. Republican lawmakers are doing nothing to stop that.

Is his base going to take a blind bit of notice of what Joe Biden has to say about mask-wearing? Of course not. They are being told he cheated to win the election. Their base is being brainwashed into being anti-Joe, no matter what the actual facts and no matter how good Joe is as president-elect and as president, just as they are brainwashed into being anti-science.

So, battle lines have been drawn between the Democrats who have a leader who says wear masks and listen to the experts, and the Republicans who are told it is okay to mock mask-wearers and Covid is really no big deal - Trump got over it and "we've turned the corner."

The result will be a disproportionate number of Republican deaths. And one day a study will be done that will show that is so, and show Trump's actions helped to kill tens of thousands of Republicans. And what will his followers say? They will say the study is a Democratic hoax, conducted by Democratic scientists who are aren't as smart as Donald Trump.

France just had US population equivalent of 435,000 cases in one day.

France 65 million population +86,852 cases.


Putin stepping down? Do you think that has a direct link to his failure to take control of the USA?

Serious question. The US election results means his puppet has failed to deliver the full fascist takeover of America that he had hoped for. Isn't this news that he is planning to step down, just a little too much of a coincidence?

Do you think a deal should be done with Trump - he encourages a peaceful transition in exchange

for going easy on his crimes?


I see a lot of "no" replies.

Specifically, I'm think of the damage Trump can do before he leaves, in particular inciting civil unrest.

Okay, how about if he was told something along the lines of: "These are all the charges you will face. However, if you want us to play nice, you need to do the same." Then, when Trump leaves office, he is still arrested.

Meanwhile, 1,201 new Covid deaths. 108,000 new cases. Expect almost a million new cases in a week

at this rate of increases. Will hit 10 million US cases by Friday.


Thank God for president-elect Biden to give us a chance to bring this under control, but how many are going to die before that happens?
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