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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Remember this day - the day that determined Biden will win the nomination and the presidency.

Trump fits the profile of a mass shooter and would have been one had he not had a rich daddy.

He is violent: He admitted in Art of the Deal to thumping a teacher at the age of eight.

Uses violent language: "I'll pay the legal fees," for protesters who get beaten up. He doesn't mind if the police "hit their heads little harder" as they put people in their vehicles. He's talked about "hitting their heads so hard their head will spin," and shooting somebody in fifth Avenue.

He lacks any empathy for others: Just one example would be that he boasted that he was going to take away healthcare from 32 million Americans.

He believes in nutty conspiracy theories, showing he is divorced from reality - China created climate change. Obama's birth certificate.

He is a hateful racist through and through: No need for examples.

He is obsessive to the extreme in his race-based grievances - taking out four full page ads against the Central Park 5 - nobody else in history has done this. Running for president to air his racial grievances - again nobody else is so extreme that they would do this.

Conclusion - had he not found an outlet to air his racial anger, and had he not had hundreds of millions from his daddy, he would be at high risk of being a shooter. This, the man who can at any time create a nuclear holocaust.
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