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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Biden: Trump proves again he knows nothing about history or anything else.

No, Biden didn't say that, but this is the attack I would like Biden to use to follow up to Trump"s praise of Robert E Lee. It is time Trump was called out for being a dumbass. Calling out Trump"s stupidity will surely get under his skin.

Being here is a miracle to me.

My wife says "there's nothing there" in the Mueller report, after being

exposed to Fox News. Should I argue with her about it or not?

Based on Trump"s past 24 hours, estimate his IQ

He couldn't remember his father was born in New York, not Germany.

The noise from wind farms cause cancer.

He could only say oranges, each time he meant to say origins.

He thought congress could get rid of judges and that's what it should be doing.

He thought the midterm elections were rigged and that's why Republicans did badly.

He said he thought immigration could be fixed in 45 minutes.

He forgot he had already said he was happy for the Mueller report to be released.

He thought it was a good strategy to repeal ACA and come up with a replacement after 2020.

Closing the border with Mexico wouldn't be good economically, after saying on Friday that it would be a win.

Based on this, what do you think is his current IQ?

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