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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Observation. Trump's told over 8000 lies. Suddenly GOP lawmakers care about (Cohen) lies.

Micheal Cohen is a better man than the GOP lawmakers who defend Trump

Trump is going down and then the indisputable truth will come flooding out.

Cohen will be remembered as the man who was on the right side of history (albeit to help himself).

The sycophantic GOP lawmakers will be remembered as unprincipled scumbags who sold out America.

Should Prince Harry have abdicated after wearing a Nazi costume to a party?

I say yes. Never been a fan of the British royal family anyway.

Media fuming over Northam, but where's any outrage over Governors who refused to expand Medicaid?

In my state alone, over half a million people don't have health care that should do.

Never, do we hear the same kind of outrage over people dying in the wealthiest nation on the planet because their governor has rejected Medicaid expansion.

This isn't even a double standard. There is no standard. Yes, he needs to go, but when is the media going to give a damn about policy and how policy affects lives?

I am wasted on four vodka cocktails , feel free to ask me anything that isn't embarrassing...

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