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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Let"s spare a thought for Donald Trump at this difficult time for him.

In his own words, he"s had a bad hair day, the Magabomber has ruined the momentum of the Republican midterm campaign, and the media are still criticising his inciteful rhetoric. He even says they won't give him a Nobel prize. Poor snowflake. Bless his cotton socks. Let"s spare him our thoughts and pray that things get better for him.

Two of the nation's most stupid Republicans share their ridiculous theories about the Magabomber:

These two guys seem to be at the bottom of the IQ range with their ridiculous conspiracy theories:

“Barack Obama probably sent his [Bomb] to hisself [sic],” said the man, identified as Arvil Runyon. “And Hillary Clinton probably sent hers to herself.”

Another stupid Republican wrote:

“Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this ‘Bomb’ stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows.”

That second idiot goes under the name of Donald Trump.


What's the difference between Trump and the Magabomber?

Please post your most witty answers!

Does the Magabomber make it harder for a Team Trump false flag operation?

Assuming Trump is as despicable as he has been (treasonous, pathologically dishonest and devoid of any empathy), and suppose he was expecting to see a false flag operation to help Republicans in the midterms, does the Magabomber story actually make that more difficult to pull off?

Just walked out on wife over racist argument

At mother-in-law's who is very sick. We go there nearly every day to care for her. Talking about a white rapper who uses the N-word in his 'song's and how dangerous black folk are supposed to be. He"s dating my niece, who loves Trump. I said the rapper was racist. Wife tells me he's not and it"s not racist for white rappers to do that. Says I don't understand young people and don't even know the guy. Mother-in-law says she would be ashamed if her granddaughter ever dated a black man. Wife yells at me when I say mother-in-law is racist. Says she's an old lady. I walk out. Wife called. She's picking me up soon. Just downing a Guinness.

Democrats have been handed midterm victory on a plate.

Kavanaugh is the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee of all time, with a history of extreme political positions and misogyny not seen before, since Trump. We need to build on the anger and outrage that is out there.

The fact that Trump and Republicans have seen a boost in support is only because they are winning the propaganda war and influencing those who are not paying a lot of attention.

We have a month to get our messaging across in a way that is not drowned out by the Republican lies. Democrats seeking election cannot be passive, but must capitalize on values that are alien to both Kavanaugh and to Trump. The contrast between the values of Democrats and Republicans has not greater for generations, and most people support most Democratic positions. I believe we need to make those differences clear. We have been handed a blue wave. It is ours to lose.

If Manchin is a yes, should he be thrown out of the party?

Not for freely exercising his right to vote as he wishes, but for voting for a nominee who showed under testimony that he is a partisan POS by attacking the integrity of Democrats.
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