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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Get ready for Trump to give away America

So, Trump is moving to infrastructure. He will boast that he is a builder and therefore an expert. But how is he going to repair the tens of thousands of bridges, roads, and pipework, as well as tunnels, rail and port projects that are in need of repair without spending many hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars without spending more money? Watch out for public-private-partnerships that will basically sell or lease these things that we all own between us to big business that will then fund his 2020 campaign. Watch out for sneaky hidden taxes that will impact on poor and middle incomes the most. Watch out for the biggest giveaway of American assets in history. You can be sure that whatever he says tonight will be peppered in his usual lies to make his own brand of shit sandwich look better than it really is, as history has shown time and time again.

The most ALARMING chart you will see today - Trump's poll numbers for handling the economy.

Trump's tax cut massively increases the national debt and transfers wealth from the poor and middle incomes to the very wealthiest. The Koch brothers alone will save over a billion dollars a year and immediately thanked Paul Ryan with a half million payoff. Meanwhile, we will all be paying more for healthcare, government borrowing and cuts to essential services.

So, why has the Democratic messaging not destroyed at birth any kind of credit Trump might get? Too many people hear Trump say "tax cut" and they think it is a good thing.

Trump's approval on the economy has gone from a net negative of 2.7% to plus 7.3% in just one month, and the latest few polls were conducted after the shutdown, Trump's approval on the economy is now over 50% for the first time. This is alarming!


How convenient that Trump's weight is 239 pounds. At 240 pounds he'd be clinically obese

It is almost as if the results were hacked to help Trump!

Weight for a 6'3 man

Normal: 152 to 199 lbs.
Overwieght: 200 to 239 lbs.
Obese: 240 to 311 lbs.

Source: National Institutes of Health.

I admit I am a racist. Trump made me racist.

I admit it. I never thought that I would ever single out anyone of a particular skin color. I have always accepted people no matter where they come from, and their skin color hasn't been a factor in telling whether somebody is of good character. That is the way I was brought up. However, like millions of others, the election of Trump has brought out the racist in me. I can no longer say that color is not a factor. I never thought I would ever say one color is worse or better than another color, but I really do have a very poor opinion of orange.

Think-skinned Trump's feelings hurt by Brits who don't like racists


Fire and Fury a WORLDWIDE hit - Trump a worldwide embarrassment!

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