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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Trump wants to cut billions from FEMA, National Flood Insurance program and the Coastguard

This photo opportunity of pretending to care does not match his intent to screw flood victims. That SHOULD be the story the media should report on.

Trump could have seen a huge poll boost after Harvey if he was capable of showing empathy.

He did not meet flood victims, sounded insincere when he spoke in generic terms about healing and how everyone is working hard, continued to Tweet and attack people in a vindictive manner and signed more nasty, mean-spirited policies.

If he had paused all his divisive Tweeting and his callous agenda during the storm period, actually met with flood victims and personally showed he cares, and held a media announcement every day to update the nation and say what he was personally doing, he would have seen a bounce in his approval numbers.

But it shouldn't be about approval numbers, it should be about doing the right thing. A million dollars is like a father giving a child a cheap toy because he can't be there on the child's birthday. It is a token, and not a way to show actual empathy. The fact is that Trump is incapable of showing empathy for others. He cannot even pretend to do that. Every single action from Trump is always about Trump, and more and more people see that. He is incapable of even imagining what it is like to be somebody who is desperate for help and wasn't born with a silver spoon up his ass.

God, look at all the help Trump has had all his life from his rich Daddy, all the corporate bailouts in his bankruptcies, to
all the contractors he has screwed over, all the students of Trump university, all the tax dodges and insurance fiddles. He is the ultimate freeloader but wants to cut billions from FEMA, the coastguard, the National Flood Insurance Program, etc. After the disaster in Texas, he should announce those programs are safe from cuts, but that won't happen, because all his life, he has screwed other people. He doesn't see other people as human beings. They are disposable objects and are only of value if they reward him in some way.
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