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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Trump, dictator of other nations: "We will not allow other countries to close our factories"

Trump proves again he thinks he is president only for his shrinking base. For the rest he is PINO

Deluded man only talks to those who believe his delusions because nobody else will listen. Sad!

I'm suffering from intense eclipse anxiety - on my third cocktail in preparation

It all started with the eclipse of '99 in England. I felt a sense of impending doom, and it awakened nightmares I had as a small child of being consumed by an overwhelming force that had no form, but it was dark and evil and of proportions that would always overpower me.

I felt anxious and had to lay down before the eclipse of '99. I soon fell asleep. During my sleep I experienced the eclipse as the room darkened and lightened again. For somebody who has never had a nightmare or a bad dream since the age of around eight, it was terrifying. I awoke in a sweat and short of breath. I was having a panic attack. I knew the eclipse had passed and had caused me to feel this way.

I know it is irrational, and every part of my conscious being tells me there is no reason at all to be anxious, but memories of my last eclipse are making me anxious. My wife is bringing me another cocktail. Our totality is in about 45 minutes.

Trump Ends Council on Infrastructure as Presidency Disintegrates

(CNN)President Donald Trump has ended plans for an Advisory Council on Infrastructure, according to a White House official, ending a panel that was created by an executive order the President signed in July.

The move comes a day after Trump disbanded two other councils -- the Manufacturing Council and the Strategy & Policy Forum -- after business leaders, CEOs and union leaders began fleeing the groups in response to the President blaming "both sides" for violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The councils were largely undermined by the departures but Trump tweeted that he was disbanding the panels rather than pressuring business leaders to stay.

Trump's infrastructure council was still being formed but the President decided to end the process, the official said. No reason was given.


Just had big argument with my wife about Trump

I told her Trump had disbanded his business committee because so many CEOs were resigning in protest.

She said Barack Obama was behind the white supremacist marches in Charlottesville. I needed to do my homework.It was an Obama fan who organized it, and Donald Trump had condemned the bigots. Basically anyone who was criticizing him was already against him. She said she's not a Trump fan, and I needed to see both sides.

I yelled at her and said there aren't two sides when we are talking about Nazis and my grandfather died fighting Nazis, and then I stormed off. I am so upset.

Anyone else get the feeling this really is near the end for Trump?

He is FATALLY wounded.

His Tweeting of a train running over a CNN reporter after failing to condemn Nazis including a white supremacist who run over a crowd of people.

Talk of him pardoning a racist sheriff after failing to condemn Nazis and white supremacists.

The exodus of CEOs, including criticism from the CEO of the world's biggest private employer.

He can't help himself. He has no self-control. He listens to nobody. He is not a leader. He is infantile. He is demented. His approval is sinking fast. This is the worst week of his presidency. This story will run and run and more people are waking up to the fact that he has nothing to offer the people of America.

Real Clear Politics polling averages - A look at key polling dates of a failed presidency

Real Clear Polling Averages now put Trump approval upside down by 20 points (37.4 approve and 57.4 disapprove). More than half as many people again now disapprove than approve

Key polling dates in a failed presidency

Jan 27 - Trump approval plus 0.1

Feb 10 - Trump approval upside down by 5%

March 29 - Trump approval upside down by 10%

May 17 - Trump approval upside down by 15%

August 14 - Trump approval upside down by 20%


Questions the media and Democrats need to keep on and on asking Trump about race riots.

There are going to be peace rallies held around the nation, which ones Mr. President do you want to speak at?

Mr. President, when are you to make a speech to condemn white supremacy?

Why don't you call this terrorism, Mr. President? You would if the perpetrators were Muslim or illegal immigrants, rather than white supremists, wouldn't you?

Mr President, what is your strategy to combat White Supremacy in America?

Why do the media call it a "white nationalist" rally? Call it what it is: "A rally for racists."

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