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Qualifications to become an Amtrak trainee engineer. Unbelievable!

You could be driving an Amtrak train with 500 people on board and not even have experience driving a car!

I quote from an Amtrak job ad for a trainee engineer in Seattle:

1. Although a driver's license is not required.....

If your driving was so bad you were suspended for driving due to drugs or alcohol before December 2014, don't worry. I quote from the ad again:

2. Must have a motor vehicle driving record void of any convictions or state action canceling, revoking, suspending or denying a driver's license for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of or impaired by alcohol or a controlled substance within the last 36 months

If your driving was so bad because you were under the influence, and you refused to be tested for alcohol or drugs before December 2014, don't worry:

(continuing from previous paragraph) or a record of refusal to undergo such testing as required by state law within the last 36 months.

Just saying......


Why is Tom Steyer doing what Democratic lawmakers should be doing?

Where is the chorus of outrage by Democratic lawmakers over the tax plan? I keep seeing Tom Steyer ads, but I have not seen one single Democratic ad. I have not heard much outrage. I am not seeing a strategy for communication to the American people about the tax bill.

A new poll shows a third of the population support it. Are you kidding me? That figure should be in single digits. This tax scam is the antithesis of Democratic values. It takes from the poor, the sick and the vulnerable and it gives to the rich, and it is driven by somebody who boasts that his multiple bankruptcies are a good thing. If Democratic lawmakers can't get their messaging out over this, when can they?

Kirsten Gillibrand saw the big picture and it paid big dividends.

In a race this close, she made the difference by making it clear that Democrats stand with women who are subjected to men who abuse them. We don't tolerate it, and we cannot be accused of double standards. She played Trump for a fool, and helped to remind voters that he is a misogynist pig who disrespects women, and his disgusting Tweet only served to reinforce that to Alabama voters.

Day before Alabama election - Trump is at his lowest average approval EVER!

Trump has never been as unpopular, according to the average poll collated by Real Clear Politics.

His approval today stands at 37.3, down from his previous low of 37.4% in the middle of August. Meanwhile his disapproval has never been higher at 57.9%, meaning his approval numbers are upside down by 20.6%.

You can view the RCP graph here:


Trump could be forced to testify on sexual-harassment allegations. If he lies he could be impeached

Summer Zervos, who accused Trump of sexually harassing her in 2007, is suing him for defamation because he called her and other accusers liars.

Trump's lawyers will argue in a New York court on Tuesday that the lawsuit should be thrown out because he is a sitting president.

But former President Bill Clinton was deposed while he was a sitting president over allegations of sexual harassment by Paula Jones. Later, when he was found to have lied under oath, he was impeached by the House of Representatives.

"People are going to find out who this guy really is," Mindy McGillivray, one of Trump's accusers, told Business Insider.


Why the UN is investigating extreme poverty in America, the world's richest nation

The United Nations monitor on extreme poverty and human rights has embarked on a coast-to-coast tour of the US to hold the world’s richest nation – and its president – to account for the hardships endured by America’s most vulnerable citizens.

The tour, which kicked off on Friday morning, will make stops in four states as well as Washington DC and the US territory of Puerto Rico. It will focus on several of the social and economic barriers that render the American dream merely a pipe dream to millions – from homelessness in California to racial discrimination in the Deep South, cumulative neglect in Puerto Rico and the decline of industrial jobs in West Virginia.


In many other ways, though, the Trump administration in its first year has taken a radically hostile approach towards communities in need. He has tried, so far unsuccessfully, to abolish Obamacare in a move that would deprive millions of low-income families of healthcare insurance, was widely criticized for his lackluster response to the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico that has left thousands homeless and without power, and is currently pushing a tax reform that would benefit one group above all others: the super rich.

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