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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Yes, Donald Trump did choose to defend Russia's "tiny" Facebook blitz of fake news!

Trump simply will not ever criticize Russia for election meddling, but he has plenty to complain about when it comes to any legitimate US media outlets that are critical of his presidency.


A question: What should other nations do if they believe Trump is a threat to world peace?

Deranged Tweets, demented behavior, ignorance of basic facts, and dangerous actions have led to headlines like those below, but what actions could or should world leaders take to protect the world from Donald Trump?

World powers hit back at Trump over repudiating Iran nuclear deal

Co-signatories rally in support of landmark atomic pact shunned by US president


Paris climate agreement: World leaders slam Trump decision


World Leaders Call For Calm After Trump Threatens North Korea

As U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at North Korea in response to its reported nuclear program advancements, world leaders urged an immediate de-escalation of tensions with the rogue state.


Mired in record low approval ratings at home, President Donald Trump is even less popular globally, with a majority describing him as dangerous, arrogant and intolerant.


What if Trump has the same mindset and the same intent as the Las Vegas shooter?

Suppose that Trump wanted to inflict damage upon us. Do you see any evidence of that so far? And suppose this is the "calm before the storm," and the difference is that Trump doesn't have guns but nuclear codes.

What's up with Trump's face today?

Why no orange tan around the eyes?
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