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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
Number of posts: 8,311

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Why Donald Trump is going to explode!

Poor old Donald Trump. There has been an intervention in the last day or so. He's had his Twitter taken away from him because he's been a bad boy. He now has a social media specialist writing Tweets, being nice to everyone and announcing events. He's been told off for picking on Mr. and Mrs. Kahn. He's been told to make speeches from a script, because he cannot be trusted. He even had to say that "Paul Ryan is a good guy," while his crowd booed.

What is the thin-skinned, nasty bully boy going to do when people say things he doesn't like - like Obama today comparing Trump to a child in the playground or sandpit? Poor Trumpy will be fuming, but he won't be allowed to take it out on Twitter or in his speeches or in media interviews. He is compelled to do that and ensure nobody ever gets away with hurting him. He's going to be so hurt as his poll numbers tank and more Republicans blame him and insult him.

Trump is going to be a volcano of anger, building up, day after day after day, until one day, he will finally explode in a meltdown of molten hot fury. That will be a day to remember, when Trump explodes and throws a hissy fit in public, like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum in a sandpit, and that will be the end of Trump in this election.

There are too many threads of the same subject - would it please be possible to suggest posters look

back to recent posts before starting a new thread? Thank you to all who have created such a great online home for Democrats!

Trump prediction in 2012: Gasoline is going to hit five dollars, six dollars.

Trump in 2012

“We are in a very fragile period of time. Oil is going through the roof. Gasoline is going to hit five dollars, six dollars — who knows what it’s going to hit. There’s nobody representing us, and certainly nobody representing us well with respect to the OPEC nations, so they’re laughing all the way to the bank."


Here's what happened:


Petition for Trump to undergo psychological assessment of his narcissistic personality disorder.

Donald Trump is dangerous for our country. His impulsiveness and lack of control over his own emotions are of concern. It is our patriotic duty to raise the question of his mental stability to be the commander in chief and leader of the free world. Mr. Trump appears to exhibit all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Petition lists nine classical indicators of NPD.

Please sign and share!


Trump's Brain Explodes in Angry Twitter Tirade against CNN after Bad Poll

Furious Trump lashed out against CNN on Twitter yesterday after the poll came out!

During the GOP convention, CNN cut away from the victims of illegal immigrant violence. They don’t want them heard.

When will CNN do a segment on Hillary’s plan to increase Syrian refugees 550% and how much it will cost?

Hillary, whose decisions have led to the deaths of many, accepted $ from a business linked to ISIS. Silence at CNN

People believe CNN these days almost as little as they believe Hillary....that's really saying something!

The people who support Hillary sit behind CNN anchor chairs, or headline fundraisers - those disconnected from real life.

Will CNN send its cameras to the border to show the massive unreported crisis now unfolding -- or are they worried it will hurt Hillary?

When will we see stories from CNN on Clinton Foundation corruption and Hillary's pay-for-play at State Department?

CNN anchors are completely out of touch with everyday people worried about rising crime, failing schools and vanishing jobs.


CNN will soon be the least trusted name in news if they continue to be the press shop for Hillary Clinton.

Why new child rape case should cost Donald Trump the election

The Huffington Post reports that the reporters that turned a blind eye to Cosby’s victims have publicly apologized to the women. They felt horrible that if only they would have written and given them a space in the magazine/newspaper, not as many women would have been hurt by his actions. It looks like history could repeat itself as some of the same claims are being made again, only this time it is about Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3367307/why-the-new-child-rape-case-against-gop-nominee-donald-trump-should-cost-him-the-2016-election/

As polling goes, you will never have as much pleasure as seeing this red line of Trump support

plunge on this chart:


Trump can't raise one million dollars this month


This post was previously deleted because of forum rules, but has now been reinstated. I apologize to anyone who thought I could be promoting right-wing propaganda. I posted this because it reveals a Tweet that shows that Trump is struggling to raise one million dollars this month. It includes a Tweet/link to a Tweet that shows on the 29th of this month Trump was saying that he would match a million dollars if he could raise that amount this month. That is a big FAIL for Trump. Alex Jones is supposed to be a Trump supporter, and even he is doing a good job of making Trump look like a loser!

Here is a quote from Alex Jones' website:

Twitter is provably censoring Donald Trump in order to prevent him raising money for his presidential campaign.
A tweet sent out by Trump yesterday to promote his #MillionDollarMatch donation drive does not appear on Trump’s profile page nor did it appear on the feed of anyone following him.
You can check for yourself. Here is the tweet sent out by Trump yesterday and here is his main profile page – which doesn’t show the tweet. The tweet has been buried as if it never existed.


Most Republicans think it is okay for Russia to influence election as requested by Trump

YouGov poll figures


New Reuters poll: Hillary Clinton six points ahead! Yeah!

July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton 40.5%

Donald Trump 34.6%

Other/Wouldn't vote/refused 24.9%

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