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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
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Predictions for Trump's visit with the Mexican president.

My prediction:

Trump will B.S. about his visit with the Mexican president. Trump will either grossly exaggerate what Enrique Pea Nieto says, or flat out lie to make himself look tough.

The president of Mexico will then try to set the record right and imply Trump is a liar.

Trump will then take to Twitter and insult the Mexican president.

Trump will face a firestorm of media criticism, but he will double down to the applause of his core support.

New Reuters Poll - Head to head - Hillary 5 point lead, 4 way - 3 point lead

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads her Republican rival Donald Trump by 5 percentage points among likely voters, down from a peak this month of 12 points, according to the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll released on Friday.


In a separate Reuters/Ipsos poll that includes candidates from small, alternative parties, Clinton leads the field by a smaller margin. Some 39 percent of likely voters supported Clinton in the four-way poll, compared with 36 percent for Trump, 7 percent for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and 3 percent for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.


Comedy Gold! Trump: "Poll numbers are starting to look very good." Quinnipiac: Hillary up 10!

Trump Tweet "Poll numbers are starting to look very good."


Yes! They look good for Hillary Clinton!

In the battle of the unloved presidential candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton tops the magical 50 percent mark among American likely voters, leading Republican Donald Trump 51 - 41 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today.


National polls are tightening, but what is the Hillary Campaign doing about it?

Where are all the big guns? Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, etc. In fact, where is Hillary Clinton?

They cannot let Trump dominate the media and have three days of good news because he can read a teleprompter and hasn't insulted anyone.

Nine election predictions - all have Hillary winning even without toss-up states.


Will the real Meredith McIver stand up? McIver lookalike in TV movie with Angela Lansbury!

This is a must for followers of the legendary Meredith McIver. I just happened to be watching The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax, TV movie, when I had to look again as Meredith McIver seemed to come to life!

View video at 53:54 (one scene only).

Just wait until Trump is pressed by an interviewer to say who he is apologizing to. That'd be fun!

If Obama's approval is 52% and rising, and his disapproval is 44% (RCP average), how can Trump win?

Trump is the anti-Obama. To Trump, Obama shouldn't even be president, as he was not born in America. To Trump, Obama is the founder of America's enemy. To Trump, Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to America.

Will anyone who approves of Obama vote for Trump? Maybe 1%. With Obama's approval riding high, how can Trump possibly win?

A reminder of how Trump used revisionism to roll back his Orlando shooting second amendment comments

This is what Trump said after the Orlando nightclub shooting as part of his position that everyone should have guns in all locations:

Its too bad that some of the young people that were killed over the weekend didnt have guns attached to their [hip], frankly, where bullets could have flown in the opposite direction. It sounded like there were no guns. They had a security guard; other than that, there were no guns in the room. Had people been able to fire back, it would have been a much different outcome.

It is clear from this that he was talking about "the young people that were killed." It is clear that he is saying there were no guns, other than the security guard, and they should have been been armed and able to fire back.

After the fact, Donald Trump revised his statement to:

When I said that if, within the Orlando club, you had some people with guns, I was obviously talking about additional guards or employees,

Like his statement about second amendment people stopping Hillary Clinton, it is clear that he knew what he was saying, and his revision of what he said shows his cowardice in not being able to own and take responsibility for his own words.

Source of quotes:

Trump is so desperate that he Tweets story that a senator still supports him while others don't

While some prominent Republicans refuse to endorse the Republican presidential nominee, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley isnt one of them.

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