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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,642

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Why can't people lose something I can use!

I picked up a discarded empty box to use for shipping; it wasn't light but I figured there were packing materials inside. I got it home, opened it, and found that it was somebody's Amazon return from back in June. The label had come off, but the inside printout had the barcode and description.

I just called Amazon customer service and asked the person what to do with it. She said that since it was three months old, I should just donate the item to charity. I said but wouldn't the sender have had to pay for the item since it never arrived? She said to just donate it.

But who, besides a narrow target group, is going to want a...

"Goplus Swing Canopy Replacement Waterproof Top Cover for Outdoor Garden Patio Porch Yard, 77" x 43", Beige?"

A scam I almost fell for.

I got a text Security Alert saying a hold had been put on my bank account, naming the correct bank. It gave an 877 number to call for assistance. I almost did, because I assumed it was related to the "gift letter" we signed last week, pledging money to help our granddaughter with the down payment on a house she is trying to buy.

I logged onto my bank account and there was no hold. I googled the number that the text actually came from, and there are many scam reports on it.

It seems like too much of a coincidence. Maybe there are shady people at mortgage companies who sell info to crooks. I'll bet a lot of people fall for it.

I am being reminded to RSVP to the faux President's rally

in Manchester, NH on August 15 at 7pm. Apparently he "can't wait to see me there."

He can hold his pee till I get there. Should make a nice big orange explosion.

(How do these people have my cell number to text me?!)

The magic of package delivery.

After I missed a signature-required delivery twice, I went online and changed delivery to a hold-for-pickup at a UPS store in Somerville, MA one mile from my house in Cambridge.

It was a thin envelope that held concert tickets.

It went to the Watertown, MA distribution center three miles away. It then went to Manchester, NH, then went to Louisville, KY, then went to Windsor Locks, CT, then went to the Somerville store one mile from me.

These transfers were done with as few as two hours between them.

There has to be a magic wand involved.

TSA inspected my checked bag and left their usual "we did it" card,

which I don't really mind, but they OPENED a sealed jar of fig preserves I was planning to save for a while. It's probably my imagination, but the level in the jar looks a little lower too. Maybe they tested it for contraband or something.

I ate some and it seems OK. Those figs were from a special tree in my mom's back yard; I wasn't throwing it out.

(I've brought home many jars of figs with no problem.)

Red Sox 15, Yankees 3 in the 6th!

Sounds like a football score.

The Yankees could close that gap in the blink of an eye. Hope not. Go Sox!

Yesterday I told over 2,000 people my opinion of our so-called President.

Only 30 people finished behind me in a 5K race with 2224 finishers, but that's not bad for an old woman with replaced hips, shoulder, and knee, and I beat my previous time.

I didn't plan it until I saw the finish line and the cameras. As I crossed and my name was announced, I threw my arms in the air and yelled FUCK TRUMP!

It got the reception I was hoping for, from the mostly young crowd. I basked in the applause. 😄

Sometimes it's easier to sell stuff than give it away.

I belong to a few local yard sale and everything-is-free FB groups (trying to declutter). I posted a free Yamaha drum machine; no foot pedal but that could be replaced. A person was very interested but couldn't come until the next day.

Next day came and went, and when I told her I was moving to the next person, she sent me a picture of a hospital room. Hold it another day, my boyfriend was admitted! I said ok, but I was leaving town for two days and would leave it on the porch. Thank you! I'll get it tomorrow for sure!

Got back from trip, it's still there. I offered it to the next person. I saw the indicator that she had read the message, but no reply. I decided to just keep it for the yard sale my hubby is threatening to give in August, to clear the basement.

Two days later she asks if it's still available. I said no I'm sorry.

Thanks, Volkswagen.

I had seen the commercial and thought, "How sad, another sellout." Then yesterday I gave a ride to my granddaughter's 14-year-old friend. He sat in the front seat beside me and started whispering a tune to himself... "Hello darkness my old friend..."

Me: Oh! Are you a Simon and Garfunkel fan?
Him: Whuut?
Me: The song! Sound of Silence! It's their song.
Him: Um...ok, no, I heard a commercial...
Me: Here, I'll tell Siri to play it, it's on my phone.

So we listened to Simon and Garfunkel. And I smiled and held back a tear.

Another day, another fraudulent credit card bill to clear up.

Somebody in Montclair, CA made four purchases using my actual physical credit card (a fake), one I didn't remember I had, for a total of $803. It was a store card I probably opened at the mall one day to get a discount.

A phone call cleared it up on my end, I won't be charged. Interestingly, he said it's good that they had created a card with the account number; otherwise it would mean they had some other ID info like SSN etc. Once that card number was frozen, it was useless.

He said they do sometimes trace purchases back to a person. I'll bet it's a low percentage.

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