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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,539

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Corelle can shatter if a can of beans drops on it from a height of two feet.

The plate covering my big, beautiful salad is now part of the salad, looking like pretty shards of cheese. The whole fucking plate. In the bowl, along with the can of beans.

This is not good.

I just cut my husband's hair for the second time.

He's getting really picky--he wants the sides to match. I told him I didn't poke his eye out with the scissors so it was a success.

Today my mother turns 97.

It's the first time in ages that I'm not in Baton Rouge for it (at 75, I'm not getting on a plane now), but my two sisters are there. Also, we are incredibly lucky because Mom has a fantastic 86-year-old husband who takes care of her in their own home.

My sister just told me that Mom said (in her limited post-stroke vocabulary), "Why did the Lord leave me down here? I'm ready to go. I want to see Jan (her deceased daughter) and the rest of them." Mom is the last of 14 siblings who grew up in rural Mississippi.

As an atheist, I stopped discussing religion with Mom long ago. I hope her life ends peacefully. That's all we can wish for anybody.

I must remember not to tell my son-in-law I need something.

He heard my daughter, his wife, say I need baking soda, meaning a small box for the fridge. He just went to Costco and now I'm the proud parent of a bouncing bag of baking soda, birth weight 13.5 lbs., plus two 50-count bottles of Pepsid because he heard the latest rumors about it being used against the virus.

I suppose it could be worse, and I'm grateful. I'll adopt the baby out (donate) and buy myself a little box. 😜

My Facebook photographic history project while staying home.

Most of my FB friends are family members. I've been going through boxes of very old photographs and posting them. My mother will be 97 in a month. I've found pictures of her in the Navy in 1943, and pictures of her mother, and pictures of all her children when little (I'm the oldest at 75.)

If I didn't make this record, who would ever see these pictures? My kids and grandkids are used to digital-only photos. I'm getting a lot of interest and excitement; it's like opening a family museum.

Out of 686 deaths to date in Massachusetts,

306 were in long-term care facilities. That vulnerable population is just being devastated. These are the people the Rethugs don't value as much as they value a dollar bill.

YouTube Zumba!

I didn't remember I could watch YouTube on my TV so I was trying to follow my Zumba teacher on my phone. I just connected on the TV and I'm very excited that Zumba Chela has dozens of videos with the same routines I'm used to, from my class with other old ladies.

I've been jogging around inside the house too. Exercise, plus escape from the things I can't control.

This too shall pass. May we still be alive when it does.

Louisiana trying to combat the virus now.

My son says schools just closed, and my granddaughter's prom scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. I know it's a major disappointment, but it was the right thing to do. La. has 36 cases now, with 23 being added in the last two days.

Not a good time to stroll down Bourbon St. and have beignets at Café du Monde.

Not surprisingly, the virus is affecting eBay.

I sell items related to a specific vintage doll, and international customers tell me they can no longer accept packages from abroad. New Zealand and Australia people cancelled just last night. I'll just relist and specify U.S. only, but we might see restrictions here too.

Maybe time to take a break.

A twitter thread with important Seattle-area virus info.


This is about the spread of the virus in the Seattle area from Trevor Bedford, an associate Professor at the University of Washington.
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