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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,539

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I just voted in Cambridge, MA!

Not a long line, but obviously all Clinton supporters by the gleeful way we shimmied our excitement! In the booth, I laid my Hillary button at the top of my filled-in ballot and took a picture, plus a selfie with my ballot. My daughter said she couldn't take pictures in her town because the booths were not enclosed, just partitioned. I don't know why I feel so exhilarated. Well, actually, I do. Happy Birthday, Madam President!

From Queens to Texas to Florida?

I'm not a twitter person but I noticed that his tweet about Bernie at 7:15am was marked Queens NY. I can't see a location on his others today. Now he says he's in Texas, leaving soon for Florida. Why not just fly from NY to FL? Maybe he had a wig-fitting appointment, who knows.

I just watched that sad little presser.

Were the reporters laughing at the end when Paula Jones blurted out? I can't say I blame them, but I feel sorry for those four obviously used and manipulated women who all seemed nervous and afraid.

Hillary is in a whole other universe when it comes to intelligence and class. Those women seem pretty much on the level of the pervert in the middle.

Growing old really, really sucks.

...when you're Donald Trump. Many (or most) men age appropriately and remain handsome as long as they live, because what shines from within is not a sociopathic pervert. He must look in the mirror and see his 35-year-old, less-unattractive self, instead of the bloated repulsive buffoon he has become. How will he look in ten years?

Got text, made donation

I loved getting this text just now: "You can do anything" when you're famous. That's Trump on groping women, just reported in the Washington Post. Let's beat him:

So with a smile, I made a donation in honor of women in general and our next President in particular.

He sure guzzled down a lot of water

I didn't see Hillary drink at all, did she? He reminded me of a guilty defendant on Judge Judy, buying time to think of his next fib. Doesn't speak much for his stamina...

Trump booth at Town Day

Today was Town Day in Arlington, MA, and I was pleased to see many people wearing Clinton/Kaine buttons and stickers. The kids I was with went eagerly from booth to booth collecting free candy. To my dismay they headed for a booth I shrank from like it was a rattlesnake. I called them back but a woman shouted to them, "All are welcome!" I sputtered as I gathered my group and whisked them away, "No they are not to go anywhere near you!"

If only I had thought to say, "RUN kids, it's the basket of deplorables!" I would have been so happy with myself.

Trump motorcade involved in accident

Source: Cnn

Per CNN scroll. Trump not injured.

Read more: Link to source
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