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Member since: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 01:17 PM
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I'm glad that the Congress and media are defending Obama as an honorable man

who respects the Constitution over Trump's wire tapping allegation. They're making it absolutely clear that the accusation of the commission of a felony by the former president will not be normalized.

Perhaps they're regretting the past year's normalization of Trump's brand of dishonesty and bigotry and the concomitant criminalization of the Democratic candidate's carelessness.

"Wire tap" equals Surveillance

Is the latest version of Star of David = Sheriff's Badge,

One congressman's comprehensive guide to Trump-Russia connections

Rachel had newly-elected Congressman Swalwell on her show this week. He has a very clear, easy to follow breakdown of everything Trump and Russia. There's also a link to send him any Trump-Russia connections that you think he may have missed or should be investigated.


A false narrative gave us Bush. Coupled with a double standard, it gave us Trump.

Bob Somerby, liberal critic of the liberal media, has done exhaustive work concerning the role the media played in giving us the Bush II presidency. He (along with Paul Krugman) spent the better part of late 2015 and 2016 warning us that it was happening again.

I've heard lots of press outrage over the past week over the highly speculative accusation that a Democratic president committed a felony. The press reminded us that fishing expedition investigations are antithetical to our system. Investigations must proceed from evidence.

In addition, I've heard thundering umbrage concerning the "criminal theft and publication" (Chris Matthew's words) by Wikileaks of CIA emails. We have not been treated with the breathless reportage of juicy tidbits taken out of context by the MSM.

These are just the latest instances of the application of a now entirely normalized double standard when assessing similar situations.

This week, the good people of Vermont elected an eminently qualified former Republican as the chairman of the state Democratic party. It is heartening to see that his political evolution was accepted and celebrated. Perfection was not the standard. Motives were not impugned. A flawed candidate was accepted and elected, as has been the case through our history.

It is troubling, however, that this privilege is reserved for some and denied and met with suspicion for others. Then again, there was no standard narrative to exploit in this case, no ratings to stoke, and no fun to be had by the pile on of the pundits.




Roger Stone seems to be getting very testy.

Or would Malcolm Nance call it "buggy"?


Collusion, cooperation, coordination

with a foreign power to manipulate an American election versus carelessness with email.

At least the double standard is alliterative.

Call Speaker Ryan NOW!

Don't forget to call Speaker Ryan at 1-888-422-4555 today!

You will be connected to a hub dialer through the social justice organization NETWORK, better known as Nuns on a Bus.

Leave a message reminding Ryan that our Constitution charges the government with the responsibilities of advancing American values that "establish justice, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty."

No cuts to Medicaid. No changes to the ACA that endanger the coverage and protections that Americans currently have under the plan. Coverage must remain available, affordable, and just.

Today is the first day of Lent, and speaker Ryan claims to be a practicing Catholic. You don't have to be Catholic to remind him to walk the walk by espousing policies that advance social justice values.

A Call To Action begins tomorrow and will continue

through the 40 days of Lent. It's sponsored by the Catholic social justice group NETWORK (aka "Nuns On A Bus".

We'll be calling Catholic Republican legislators to remind them to actually practice what they claim to believe by working to protect the poor and the marginalized, by being responsible stewards of the environment, and by bridging (rather than creating) divisions.

While this action is being sponsored by a Catholic group, it focuses solely on social justice issues consistent with Democratic and progressive principles.

The second link is a PDF calendar, hub dialer phone numbers, and a sample script.



Wolf just reduced Marsha Blackburn to a stammering fool

over her claim that her town hall was full of outside agitators.

Only voters from her district were allowed to RSVP, IDs were checked as people entered, and she asked for a show of hands of people from her district before she took a single question.

She stuttered and stammered something about being told that there were a lot of out of state plates on the cars in the parking lot.

What's the policy on posting a Go Fund Me link?

One of the students at the high school where I teach is raising funds for an orphanage/refuge in Nigeria. (The student herself is a Nigerian refugee).

Am I allowed to post the link? Thanks for your help!

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