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Member since: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 15,100

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Fox and Friends just found a great new way to remind viewers that Jared Kushner is Jewish!


Will Macron be using an earpiece during the press conference?

He isn't wearing one for Trump's opening statement.


What Macron said.

Here's some of the original French with a bit more context:

"Le défi de l'Afrique, il est totalement différent. Il est beaucoup plus profond, il est civilisationnel aujourd'hui. Quels sont les problèmes en Afrique ? Les États faillis, les transitions démocratiques complexes, la transition démographique qui est, je l'ai rappelé ce matin, l'un des défis essentiels de l'Afrique. Quand des pays ont encore aujourd'hui 7 à 8 enfants par femme, vous pouvez décider d'y dépenser des milliards d'euros, vous ne stabiliserez rien."

I've spent the better part of the day thinking about exactly what Macron was saying or trying to say, text and subtext. It's certainly more detailed and nuanced than some links suggest.

This is a story on which Macron can be hit from both the right (i.e. he's advocating contraception and/or abortion) or from the left (i.e. he's advocating population control of POC; he's blaming African women for problems that were in fact caused by white colonialism; he's characterizing Africa as having an inferior civilization.)

I read one piece on huffingtonpost.fr by a writer who seemed a bit bewildered about why the foreign media was pushing the racism narrative so strongly.

It could be that racial superiority is so entrenched in the French establishment mindset that the huffpo writer doesn't recognize racism when he sees it; he does, however, note that certain points were cherry picked, taken out of context, and presented out of order.

My question is, "Who would want both the left and the right in anti-Macron protesting mode during Trumps' highly publicized visit later this week?"

Who indeed.

* I haven't been able to find a complete transcript of Macron's remarks in French.

* If you're going to use an online translator, please understand that they don't always capture nuance or note alternative meanings of individual words. For example, "défi" can mean either "problem" or "challenge"; "civilisationnel" is especially tricky. It can mean either "related to civilization" or "related to development".



She was right. Say it. Day 2

"The Russians did not make Hillary Clinton the worst candidate in modern presidential history."

Assertion by the newly-independent former politician Mr. Scarborough after a helpful start by the aptly-named former journalist Barnicle the day after solid evidence emerged concerning a conspiracy to cheat the first woman nominated to the presidency by a major party out of a free and fair election

Silence = complicity


Senate Democrats introduce the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act

"On Tuesday, four Democratic senators announced a bill that seeks to reform the way women are treated in federal prison. Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren held a joint press conference to introduce the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, which Senators Kamala Harris and Dick Durbin are also co-sponsoring, according to HuffPost.

The bill would require federal prisons to supply women with free tampons and pads, would prevent pregnant women from being shackled or placed in solitary confinement, and would extend inmates’ visiting hours with their children.

It would also let mothers physically interact with their kids more during visits, as well as place free phone calls to them while incarcerated. And, perhaps most importantly, the Federal Bureau of Prisons would have to consider the location of an inmate’s children when deciding where to place her in the first place."


Sean Hannity has Junior for the hour tonight.

Our own Julius Streicher.

Paging Miles Archer

She was right. Say it.

The press had no problem saying her name regarding every "scandal", however tangentially she may have been involved, except for the criminal scandal that goes to the very heart of our democracy and of which she, as both a citizen and an individual, is a primary victim.

Silence = Complicity


Trump's War on Losers: The Early Years

"In the late 80s and early 90s, Spy magazine carried out a lonely—and hilarious—war against the preposterous real-estate lordling it famously identified as “short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump.” Here are some highlights."

This Vanity Fair article includes links to Spy's features on Trump and a Jerry Seinfeld bonus.


Running record of the normalization of the authoritarian state

under Trump, as compiled by Amy Siskind.

"Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember."


Searchable database.

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