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Member since: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 12:17 PM
Number of posts: 11,440

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Jeff Toobin to Kobach: You've Devoted A Career to Stopping Black People & Poor People from Voting

Via Mediaite:

During a discussion on voting laws on Wednesday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin did not hold back on his thoughts about Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

In fact, he said Kobach has made it a career of “stopping black people and poor people from voting.”

And he said it right to his face.


Morning Joe had Vermont gubernatorial challenger Democrat Christine Hallquist on today.

The Republican panelist went after her (both guns blazing) concerning the costs of Hallquist's agenda: a single payer health care system as part of a multi-state coalition, universal broadband connectivity, and increased education spending.

The incumbent Republican, who has vetoed both the creation of a paid family leave program and an increase in the minimum wage, declined an invitation to appear.

Since her August 14th primary victory, Hallquist has garnered the endorsements of national figures including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Kennedy, Corey Booker, Howard Dean, and Barack Obama.

The Vermont Progressive Party (which is not running its own candidate) has thus far declined to endorse Hallquist, citing differences with her on the details of the establishment of a state single payer health care system, as well as on tax policy and the possibility of increased taxes to pay for her proposals.

Hallquist and other local candidates will be appearing with BS (who endorsed Hallquist in September) at several GOTV events in VT this weekend.



Funny how we're hearing today from the media that we are "stronger together"

and that "love trumps hate". What an inspirational message, but it's a little late.

The media and press need to take responsibility and apologize for their part in enabling and normalizing Trump's America.

Were the ratings and the revenue worth it?

Hillary Tribute --- Happy Birthday, Madame Secretary--- October 26

Adapted from an excerpt of the speech "Citizenship in a Republic", given by Theodore Roosevelt at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, 23 April 1910.

University of Utah Student Killed by Ex-Boyfriend, Police Say

When McCluskey found out about Rowland’s [criminal record]she ended the relationship on October 9. Jill McCluskey added that her daughter had blocked Rowland and his friends’s phone numbers and told the University of Utah police he was harassing her.

A spokesperson for the Utah Department of Corrections told the Tribune that university police didn’t notify them of McCluskey’s complaints; because Rowland was out on parole, he could’ve been sent back to prison for violating its terms. The university police chief is claiming that they couldn’t find Rowland before the shooting, but the Department of Corrections knew where he was residing because he was listed on the sex offender registry.



You can see more at the link.


RT correspondent (and former Miss New Jersey) just went into protected mode on twitter.

No one is yet certain whether she is cowering behind the locked door due to the reaction to her ill-advised tweet extolling the excellent living conditions in Stalin's gulags or hiding under the bed after she accidentally outed herself as a confused reactionary when she posted this:


Cory Booker, J.D. Schoten, and David Weaver Iowa roundtable tonight

with local farmers and ag businesses at the Boone County Democrats HQ.

Join J.D. and our special guests in conversation centered on corporate consolidation in agriculture and why this must be addressed in rural Iowa. There will be time for questions and discussion from those in attendance.

Senator Booker keynoted the Democratic Fall Gala Saturday night in Des Moines, a kickoff event for the early voting period which begins today.


Anyone else watching the Season 11 premiere of Doctor Who?

It replays later today on BBC America if you missed it.

Nuns on the Bus announce their 2018 bus tour itinerary.

Join them on one of their stops On the Road to Mar-a-Lago.

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