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Member since: Fri Jun 3, 2016, 05:27 PM
Number of posts: 79

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Something We Need to Let Republicans Know Regardless of Who Wins This Election

We need to start telling Republicans that we don't want to hear this crap about "real Americans", who they obviously think side with them, having to be so "politically correct" and not being able to say what's on their mind. The Trump campaign has all but proved, by saying every stupid thing that comes into his noggin, that not only have Republicans and the so-called conservative independents who march alongside them been saying whatever they want, but they always have. And they've been able to convince many out their that liberals and progressives have to shut up and take it, or risk casting an intimidating shadow over the free speech of those on the right. If things turn bad, and if Trump becomes President, then I say it will be time to say enough is enough. And when Trumps Presidency starts to become a disaster, which it will, and Republicans are first to eat their words and see what picking a candidate and electing a President simple because he supposedly "tells it like it is" does to this country, I say we pounce on these conservatives forcibly drag them into the twenty-first century. If Trump is elected President, they will have no excuses. The can no longer say that it is all because everybody is out to get them. They will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Guilliani Claims the Dead Vote in Big Cities

I think this business over claiming voter fraud is a strategy. If Hillary wins, then Trump is automatically going to claim voter fraud and demand that the Justice Department take him seriously and look into it, perhaps even before Hillary takes the oat of office. This is what happens when we equate a right to hold whatever opinion we want with the the supposed right to have ones opinion taken seriously, no matter how ridiculous it is.

Ben Carson Wants Guest Hosts Mike Cut on Morning Joe

During a heated discussion about the accusations against Donald Trump, Ben Carson demanded that guest host Katty Kay's mike be cut. This was after he was asked if he thought the allegations against Donald Trump by several women were true. When Joe Scarborough refused to do it, and said that it was a legitimate question, Ben Carson said that it didn't matter the allegations were true. He also stressed that he wanted us to get back to a place of Judea-Christian values, but that this couldn't be done during a political election, continuing the Republican tradition of trying to force their religion down the throat of everyone else, while at the same time refusing to adhere to them themselves.

Rick Scott Refuses to Extend Registration Deadline For Hurricane Evacuation

I live in Nebraska, and this makes Omaha's former election commissioner Dave Phipps look good by comparison. Rick Scott has already come out in favor of Trump, so I guess I can't be surprised that he would do something to suppress votes in Trump's favor. I think as many people as possible need to confront him on this. The Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party and the ACLU. Taking advantage of a Hurricane in your' own state for political purposes is pretty despicable. This guy needs to be stopped.

Movies That Remind Me of Donald Trump

1. All the King's Men "The Broderick Crawford Version"
2. A Face in the Crowd
3. Secret Honor "Movie about Nixon"
4. Nixon
5. Elmer Gantry
6. Pleasantville "Specifically the Mayor"
7. The Best Man "Cliff Robertson's character"
8. The Sweet Smell of Success "Burt Lancaster's character, though Trump is far less cool."
9. The Sweet Bird of Youth "Ed Begley's character"
10. Network. "Yes, the unhinged Howard Beale"
11. Meet John Doe "I can't remember his name, but the guy who decides to use Gary Cooper's
movement to make a run for the Presidency"
and of course
11. Citizen Kane "Especially given Trumps lack of consistency and pretense at having the common man's touch."

Does anybody else have any suggestions?

Democrats and Company in Ohio. Urgent!

Tell all your' friends and family, even Republicans, that before they fill out that ballot, to read the article "Preparing for a Trump Presidency" by Hoyt Hilsman. It is on the www.huffingtonpost.com. It is directed at Progressives, but even Republicans will find it informative.

Hilary's One Comment vs. Trumps Paper trail of Comments

It's funny how Trump tries to capitalize over Hillary calling half of his supporters deplorable, as if she said something off base. Seems to me, the Donald has spent not only this campaign, but the past few decades making sweeping, unsubstantiated claims about a host of people and groups. He says whatever he wants and the rest of us are supposed to shut up. Seems like Hilary's comment comes across as pretty small potatoes. Even pretty factual potatoes, considering how some of the Trump crowd has been acting.

People are supposed to offended now? And by what Hilary said?

I think there is a standard that people apply to Hilary that they don't apply to even the most ridiculous of her opponents. The idea that we aren't supposed to criticize Trump over making fun of a reporter's disability, accusing an entire nationality of being rapist and murderers, claiming that another reporter's questioning him is due to her menstrual cycle and demanding the death penalty for five youths who turned out to be innocent, yet everybody is supposed to pile on Hillary for daring to criticize the words, behavior and attitude of Trump's supporters, is the height of a double standards. One that Donald Trump has benefited from for far to long. It is high time that somebody gave these supporters the dressing down that they deserve.

Trump and the Central Park Five

The ad that Donald Trump took out concerning the five young African -American and Latino young men who were wrongfully accused in the Central Park Jogger rape case should go down as a hallmark in the history of reckless and inflammatory speech in this country, especially since it is now clearly obvious that the five youths were innocent, and highly likely the victims of a police department that seemed hell bent on finding them guilty, all the while being goaded by the bloodthirsty finger pointing of Donald Trump. It is very interesting, I have heard Republicans go on and on about the violations committed in the Duke La Cross case, but ask them about their support for Trump when they know about this, and they don't even flinch. Trump not only thought these five young men were guilty, he wanted blood. He wanted the state of New York to bring back the death penalty, and despite the ex-post facto clause in the Constitution, barring laws, especially in criminal law, from being used to punish a defendant retro-actively, he wanted the death penalty to apply to them. Five boys who were, after a over a decade in prison, released from prison after the true assailants identity was revealed and it was proven not to be them. After this, Trump wrote an op-ed complaining when the city settled with the defendants. And now Trump is, hat in hand, showing up at African-American churches begging for support, asking to be given the ability, as President, to appoint judges that would do what he demanded the city of New York do back in the 1980s. He wanted blood. We should all wonder and fear just when he should want blood again.

Russia's and Everybody Elses Hacking

Has anybody brought up the argument that information dropped by a hacker was stolen, and thus it's truthfulness should be brought into question? I have heard none of this from the media that is, according to Republicans, supposed to be so heavily biased and Anti-Trump. If a person can hack information, then they can pick and choose, and even alter, what they release to the public. This is something that should definitely be asserted, not only by the Hilary Clinton campaign, but all Democrats and Democratic allies. The idea that we should be trusting these leaks passed on by criminals with a dubious sense of honesty is ridiculous and I think it needs to stop. If they want to hack and leak, even if they don't get caught, they should answer for their criminal behavior. At the very least, the consequences should be that their dishonest efforts should be fruitless.
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