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Member since: Fri Jun 3, 2016, 05:27 PM
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Trumps First 100 day poll numbers are like...

a babies diaper that is in severe need of a changing. They're sagging and they stink.

Great Article on The Guardian. Check It Out Now.

Hate to harp on the same subject, but Moira Kelly has written a great piece for The Guardian titled Political Correctness: How the Right Invented a Phantom Enemy. It is a long read, but there is something there we can build on. Somebody needs to use this and articles like it to blow a hole in the rhetoric of Trump and Co. This is the best one I've read so far on this subject. We have less than four years. It may seem a long time, but in preparation terms, we have to get going. Check it out.

Mick Mulvaney's Steel Workers

You know, I suppose it's good that Melania Trump is going to live at the White House now that she helped charge the secret service
an outrageous fee that legally, they had to pay to protect her as long as she selfishly chose to stay at Trump Towers. But we all know it was only the constant criticism that caused the Trumps to make that decision. Eventually someone in the media would have gotten off their can and tied the Trumps' behavior to Mick Mulvaney's comment that by taking away services such as Meals on Wheels for the poor, elderly and disabled, he was thinking of the hard working steel worker who, in his view, should not have to pay for somebody's Grandmother or disabled brother "who may in fact, be a veteran" to receive three square meals a day. Somebody might eventually question why the steel worker simply must supplement the lifestyles of the Trumps. But as with everything with this administration, given the entitled attitude of Trump and his family, there is still much left to do. That is, until 2020.

Motivation for Senate 2018. Supreme Court

I know a lot of people have been talking about how low the chances are to take back the Senate in 2018. It seems to me that part of the problem is motivating voters. That means progressive and liberal voters too. Here is a possible motivation. I propose that if Democrats retake the Senate in 2018, that we set up a policy among Democratic Senators that no Judge appointed by Trump who has been taken from any list that could possibly have been provided by the Federalist Society be allowed to sit on the bench. This could not only help us with a possible dreaded replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer, but could make the Republicans regret what the nuclear option that they pulled.

Truth Be Told

As long as people blame others, based solely on their race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality, for the loss of their own way of life, they will never have job security, national security, cultural security or security of any kind.

An Idea for Somebody in the Movies

Republicans love the movie Red Dawn, a movie/propaganda piece that portrays a group of young people who form some kind of resistance when the U.S. is invaded by the Russians. Has anybody in Hollywood thought of making a movie along this line that supports progressive/liberal values that liberals and progressive can rally behind? Maybe the invaders could be Putin like characters supported by Republican politicians and right wing American activists, with characters based on Trump, Pence and their administration as well as others based on people like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson and other members of the conservative movement and the religious right. Just an idea.

Elimination of the the NEA and the NEH

Many have, no doubt, received the news that Donald Trump has included in his budget an elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Although it is unlikely that we will be able to save them for the 2018 budget "House and Senate Republicans have had the institutions in their cross hairs for decades" we need to make it an issue that Democrat candidates vow to revive them in the future. Reviving them immediately after we get back the Presidency and Congress would be a great way to stick it to this administration once it is no longer in power too. On top of this, let me express my opinion that Donald Trump is not just doing this to be economically fiscal, or as one of his advisers says, to put himself in the shoes of the steelworker who may not want to pay taxes to pay for things that are so-called "unnecessary". Donald Trump has had a beef with what conservatives call the "cultural elites" going back past when we was renovating the building that he would turn into Trump Tower. He even deliberately destroyed a statue that a local art institution pleaded with him to donate to them because, he claims, that it would have taken too much time to remove them. He reportedly made insulting remarks about a woman who represented the art institute, mocking her intelligence for daring to show concern for the statues. Although Trump initially told them that he might try to save them if doing so wouldn't cost him too much money, he nonetheless did not even give them a courtesy call to tell them he had "changed plans". It is my opinion that he did this for the purpose of sticking it to the "cultural elites" that he and his father Fred Trump have always held in ire. This is a major motivation for Donald Trump.

Eric Metaxas

This man seems to be the latest rising star in the Religious Right, "yes, I still use that term" with his popular biography on WWII hero Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a book that others have criticized for his apparent to attempt to adopt Bonhoeffer into the evangelical and Christian Right movement. Keep an eye on this guy. From some of the comments I have read, he has a dangerously annoying assurance that everybody is in deep need of his brand of faith, and he seems to have no qualms with government prescribing it to them. I took a quick look at an article that he wrote entitled "Cultural Elites: The Next Unreached" where he brings up a story of a celebrity that he claims he knows, who innocently asks a Catholic priest a question about religion, because he did not know the answer. Metaxas goes on, naming names, and pointing out that this man, who did nothing but make an inquiry, and points out that he is a member of the cultural elite that Metaxas points out is suffering from secularism. The question the celebrity asked about was concerning the Golden Rule and where it originated from. Now the question I have is, since the question was about the Golden Rule, would Metaxas be happy if he, asking a question out of the mere ignorance of the answer, if someone went out an wrote an article naming them publicly and making look foolish? It seems that to people like Metaxas, all is fair in love and culture war. As long as people politically or religiously disagree with him, it is okay to do whatever he wants to them. Isn't that a perfect example of the attitude one would expect from people in the Christian Right, now that we are in the age of Trump? Apparently so. And what's worse is, Metaxas tries to come off like he's a super civil and nice guy. What a joke.

We Cannot Let This Happen

A new poll says that there is a jump in people who think the country is on the "right track". People are talking about new jobs when they should be ashamed that they voted for this man because of his friendliness with Russia. We have to regain control over the narrative. We must not let this become a "Morning in America" where everybody is feeling good about this administration. We need to make sure that he loses abysmally in 2020. This is a must. We cannot let this happen. America must despise Donald Trump forever. I am deeply afraid. We must do something now.

Another Term to Combat: Snowflakes

One way to do this is to come up with an alternative term to combat those who use it to degrade us.
I am currently thinking of a term that can be used toward reactionary provocateurs who throw out verbal firebombs to show how much of a conservative "rebel" they think they are. These are the kind of people who think they are standing up for free speech and fighting the so-called culture war, all while ingratiating their own egos. I distinctly remember one from when I was in college who kept on saying things like "Why don't they stop blowing up things?" in response to the professor showing a documentary about how Muslim people are treated by the media. When he made a remark about all Native American Indians supposedly living off the government, the professor remarked that this was a huge generalization. I am sure that after class, he immediately went to a blog to complain about unfairly he was being treated by "liberal academia". What cracked me up was that after one remark he made, I turned around and saw him looking eagerly to see what the classes reaction was. Some kind of term needs to be created for people like this. It's a long time coming.
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