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Gender: Male
Home country: US
Member since: Mon May 30, 2016, 09:29 AM
Number of posts: 602

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I don't know where else to ask

I don't want to get in trouble, either. But my question is did DU ever let the Democrats who supported Bernie back in? I am sincerely asking for a legitimate reason, which I can discuss either privately with an administrator, or else in an appropriate group, if I can find one and understand the rules well enough (haven't poked around enough yet). I have some strategy ideas for 2018 I would like to be able to bounce off everyone. Thank you all for everything you are doing

My sincere apologies. I didn't mean to post politics here.

Between my bifocals and a sucky tablet keyboard, somehow it happened. Not the worst thing to happen to meant me today - I coughed and s*** my pants good. 😂

Matthews now: Kushner and Manafort to testify in open hearings

next week, before the Judiciary Committee.

I am reading some grim news. Republicans are abandoning their party.

Scarborough, George Will, and others. Grim because no small number of them may find their way (however begrudgingly, and likely in a self-serving quest for votes) to our party. I have seen this play before, though not ever in a situation similar to today. Democrats will be more than happy to take them with a "D" behind their names, but at what costs? Granted, we sure need to make gains in huge swaths of America, but I hope we don't further lose our party's soul in the process. Bending to accommodate swing districts is hard enough, how can we ever win the South for example? (Sorry fellow Southerners). I sure don't want a bunch more DINO'S.. I wish we had a hyper-aggressive strategy. Thoughts? (If this belongs in another forum, please give me a chance to move it. Thanks)
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