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Gender: Male
Home country: US
Member since: Mon May 30, 2016, 09:29 AM
Number of posts: 602

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Late nate peeps: Roger Stone is supposedly going to be on Coast to Coast AM tonight

on the second half of the show. Personally, I will be just stunned if he dares to make an appearance. (yes, I recognize the show as largely a right-wing bent to it, so I rarely listen to it, but ran across the info on FB just now).

Key points:
1. Poisoned in December
2. McCain is nuts
3. Hits to Burr and another as "used car salesman"
4. He has NO associations with ANY Russians
5. Hillary was going to take us to war
6. **Nevermind, it looks like from here out he's just promoting a book about Drumpf, I'm done listening.

I would appreciate prayers, good vibes, or whatever you can muster.

My cousin's oldest son (one of twins) was shot twice in the chest last night, attempting to stop an armed robbery. He is Army, was off-base with friends at a restaurant.

They are medical unit, so they immediately CPR'd him and stopped bleeding. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

We just got word from his mother. She flew to his bedside this morning. Doc said the bullets missed vital organs (her words), yet she said they hit both lungs (how those aren't vital, I don't exactly know, though I do know what she meant).

I'm praying for a quick and full recovery. The kid just graduated HS a couple years ago.

On edit: Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. No real change today. They were hoping to take him off of the breathing machines today, but that didn't happen. He's still in the civilian hospital. They won't be able to move him to a military hospital until that happens. Thank you all again!

I honestly believe they are cutting airport security and embassy security (among

all the other cuts) to weaken us for another catalyzing event, which is what they need in order to resume the PNAC agenda. They don't *actually want to cut security, and will fully fund it again after the event. They just found a convenient vehicle to obscure it in, with the proposed drastic budget.

I realize the penalties for treason can and have varied. But if a death penalty should

happen to be imposed (hypothetical), what are the rules? i.e.: can we impose burning at the stake for example?) Inquiring minds would like to know.

After watching all of the political posturing today on the healthcare bill,

I'm convinced of two things:

1. They know Golden-Gate is closing in on them, and they need to jam something thru.

More importantly,

2. They know there isn't a snowball's chance of passage, but they are giving each other cover so they can say they tried, and then they can go back home and campaign on it.

I haven't slept much since the inaugural. I'm too keyed up about things, plus

every time I stir, it seems the tv is blaring some new scandal. I'm actually quite anxious for the lid to finally blow off so I can relax a little, while the politicos argue about the way forward. At this point, I really don't care who takes over, as long as this madman, criminal, mafioso leaves office without starting world war 3.

Maddow is talking about figuring out a "Deep Throat". Christopher Steele?

I'm typing as she is talking. Tune in if you are interested. On edit: it was 15 minutes in when I tuned in, in case you catch it on a rerun. She said the fact the Flynn story involved certain information, she explained that means there HAD to already be an ongoing FISA warrant, and also that also meant the fact the info is out means there is a leaker in very high places.

They can run, but they can't hide.

(I just wanted to throw a meme the wingers often use, right back at them). I honor of today's events. It is a popcorn-fest.

Pelosi just said Sessions must resign.

No link. Bryan Williams just read it on MSNBC.

Drip, drip, drip. Now Sessions is involved with Russians, and not truthful in confirmation hearings

Sorry I'm late to the party. I've been sleeping and just woke up.

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