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Gender: Male
Home country: US
Member since: Mon May 30, 2016, 09:29 AM
Number of posts: 602

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They can run, but they can't hide.

(I just wanted to throw a meme the wingers often use, right back at them). I honor of today's events. It is a popcorn-fest.

Pelosi just said Sessions must resign.

No link. Bryan Williams just read it on MSNBC.

Drip, drip, drip. Now Sessions is involved with Russians, and not truthful in confirmation hearings

Sorry I'm late to the party. I've been sleeping and just woke up.

I heard nothing, nada, zip tonight but platitudes. nt

Constitutional collapse: Why we could be on the verge of a democratic apocalypse

SATURDAY, FEB 25, 2017 09:59 AM EST

Constitutional collapse: Why we could be on the verge of a democratic apocalypse

If Republicans gain full control, they have the power to amend the Constitution into their own authoritarian image


As Donald Trump vilifies the press, the courts, immigrants, Muslims, Democrats, protesters and anyone who disagrees with him, it isn’t hard to imagine a modern-day Mussolini — or worse. But an even greater threat lies in Republicans’ march toward full control of state government. If they get there, they will have the frightening power to amend the Constitution into their own authoritarian image . . . or Ayn Rand’s.

Republicans now control 32 state legislatures and 33 governorships. They have majorities in both state legislative chambers as well as the governorships in 25 states. The Democrats have total control in only six states and legislative control in two more.

If Republicans achieve veto-proof control in 38 states, they can do something that has never been done before — hold a constitutional convention, and then ratify new amendments that are put forth. To date, all amendments have been initiated from Congress where two-thirds of both houses are required. In either case, 38 states would be needed to ratify the amendments. The Republicans are well on their way.

We know what they are likely to do: end collective bargaining, outlaw abortion, forbid progressive income, estate and Wall Street taxes; prohibit class action law suits, privatize social security, guarantee “free choice” in all school systems, and so on. They would do what they’ve always wanted to do: outlaw the New Deal and its social democratic programs. And if they get crazy enough, they could end separation of church and state and undo other portions of the Bill of Rights.



The sound is down on my tv, but I am watching the graphics. I am sick to death

of the false narrative Trump is deploying that the groundswell of opposition does not represent "most voters". Let me tell you something, perhaps is didn't- this one time. Then again, just enough legitimate and otherwise-eligible voters were purged from the rolls in the longstanding Republican war on voters.

I guarantee you I will be re-doubling my efforts to register voters, ongoing. We *have to. They are constantly purging, and otherwise attacking the franchise. We must get the message out, but that's not enough if we aren't registering people.

In my state you can register online, so I will be posting that link on my social media accounts regularly, and I will also be inviting people who want to do it in person to do so at the Voter Registration office. I also have the forms here at home, and if need be, I will go to them to do it in person.

Please, please, do more than lip service this cycle! Do these very things I mentioned in your own communities!!! It is vital, especially while people are angry. The old saying is "make hay while the sun is shining".

Thank you for having me here. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm a Democrat. Period. I so happen to be angry, so I found my way here. I'm vehemently anti-Trump. As in, he is a one-man/family constitutional crisis after another. I'm not here to do the intra-mural primary type stuff. We have to be united, especially right now. God only knows where we are headed, but we are clearly in uncharted waters. That's where I come from, and what I'm here for.

I have lived in the Midwest and the Mid-South, and the Deep South. I have relatives in and a strong affinity for California, too, and if I ever had the chance to move out there I surely would take it. I despise the way the south votes as a bloc for many decades. I wish things could change there, and I'm not sure why that is so.

At this moment, tough, I feel we must be engaged on every level. 2018 couldn't be more important. If we survive that long.

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