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Member since: Sun May 29, 2016, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 3,867

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POS dedicates golf cup to Puerto Rico, just what they want or need

as someone said "unless it's full of water"

I'm sure they would rather have the 33 mil he screwed them out of over some failed trump enterprise.

Never thought I would ever agree with Pam Bondi

but I don't want OJ in FL either

Geraldo Rivera doesn't see people dying


how many days can he go w/o water?

Florida still has trash all over from Irma

The storm covered the whole state unlike Wilma in 05, which was only S FL

A lot of the trucks are in TX

The haulers are holding out for the highest bidder

I can just imagine what it is like in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in a lot of debt, well then you fend for yourself

our POS prez has no compassion for human, animal or anything that does not benefit HIM. I despise him, he is not human.
Geez, how I despise him!!!!!!!

Roy Moore may be too much for even Alabama to stomach

so it is probably better he won over Strange. Dem, Doug Jones seems like a intelligent, reasonable person & due to Moore win, possibly Jones could beat him..

And it's only Wednesday

doturd backs Alabama loser
Mueller / IRS
Obamacare repeal fail
NFL craziness
Puerto Rico

Anyone know the count for repeal & replace Obamacare, it was in the 50s last I heard

could there be a miracle in Alabama

Strange & Moore are 2 racists

just maybe Dem Doug Jones can make it


HOLY SHIT, Ted Cruz can't support Graham Cassidy!!!!!!!!!

Just on MSNBC
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