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Member since: Sun May 29, 2016, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 3,867

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I want that mental degenerate OUT of MY house

ok OUR house.

The prez should have dignity, LOSER 45 doesn't even know what the word means & of course can't spell it.

Maybe instead of tweeting, he could read the trumpcare bill, catch up on his security briefings.

Trump Orders the Execution of Five Turkeys Pardoned by Obama

wouldn't surprise me


Solving the Israel Palestinian problem is compliccated, who knew?

Certainly not LOSER 45 or Jared


Die in at McConnell's office

eagle in flight


I hope LOSER 45 watched Watergate tonight

He better stay on the good side of Pence so he can pardon him, unless we can get rid of him too.
I had forgotten so much.

why is Rick Snyder not in jail?

Flint water crises & now legionaries disease???????
This has been 3 years & the people are still being poisoned.


I have to remember LOSER is the word he hates the most.
He called the Manchester bombers LOSERS, they would think maniac was a compliment

LOSER 45 from now on

apparently all liars sniff

Sesspool is doing it & dolt 45 does it.

Time magazine, The Swamp Hotel

Trump's swamp hotel

Donald Trump’s Swamp Hotel. Remember Trump’s promise to drain the swamp?

Well, Trump’s Swamp swells...


The potential conflicts of interest are dizzying. In the soaring atrium, guests kibitz under a massive U.S. flag—a gift on loan from the Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank that helps shape Administration policy and that thanked top donors by bankrolling a December gala here keynoted by then incoming Vice President Mike Pence. For Trump’s Inauguration, guests willing to fork over the steep fees could mingle with top federal officials. One VIP package, which offered lodging in a 6,300-sq.-ft. townhouse suite—two floors overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue, accessed through a discreet wooden door—was advertised for $500,000. The President invited members of Congress to lunch in the ballroom. “It’s an absolutely stunning hotel,” press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Jan. 19. “I encourage you to go there if you haven’t been by.”



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