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Member since: Sun May 29, 2016, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 3,867

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Oh what I'm going to do to ISIS

dementia don's plan, he doesn't want to reveal it

He wants to get rid of NATO

I just now heard the moron say he would use """NATO""" to take out ISIS

Before or after he gets rid of it? My head is exploding


They are having a hard time getting people to go let alone anyone to speak.
I have a suggestion & I'm sure he will be happy to CHAIR an event

Clint Eastwood

Remind you of anyone?

Do you suppose DNA could find Scott Brown's brain?

How do I know what my heritage is, my family told me.

Ohhhhh shit, my vote really does count!

Some of the voters voted for leave as a protest vote, thinking it would never win, surprise!

I just heard they are trying to organize a do over. Better consult with cheeto, sure don't want to impact his golf courses.


What am I missing? You are on the the no fly list & they are taking away your civil rights??? by not letting you have an AK 47 or whatever # they have?
You need a gun right then, wouldn't that be a red flag?
I just can't get my head around this.

I know sometimes a 2 year old ends up on the no fly list, do they need a gun?

Liar, liar, hair on fire

In Cheeto's rant today against Clinton, they have so far counted 15 lies
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