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Member since: Sun May 29, 2016, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 3,867

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I hope the maggot is going to bail all the people he told to vote more than once out of jail


If you ever thought about voting for Gary Johnson

Forget Aleppo


Only 1 of the maggot's little maggots have conributed to his campaign


Voted for Hillary & Murphy in FL, went to polling place 'cause I hadn't gotten my absentee ballot in

the mail.
It was steady but no lines outside. I kept hearing applause & cheers, that was for 1st time voters, it happened about 5 times.

I think that is encouraging.

DNC decides Rubio (Florida) is beatable & they are going to fund Murphy

they had taken funds away from his campaign earlier this month.

Central & north FL, how do you think Murphy is doing against Rubio?

I have always loved going to the polls to proudly cast my vote, part of the democratic experience

but since I saw long lines in GA & NC, I decided to request an absentee ballot. Did it online 10/21. I expect to have it by Tues.

I am admitting to being elderly, & didn't think I could stand in line for 4 hours in hot FL sun, if that would be the case. Hope there are long lines.

Early voting starts Oct 24 - Nov 6

GOP Nov 28 DJT said so

the orange hominid cryptid keeps saying "drain the swamp"

Nooooo, I want Sasquatch to find his way back home, Nov 9.

do any of you know what the maggot meant

by 6 mil or bil missing from the State Dept?

sniff & disaster count

disaster - 8
sniff - 17 probably missed a few while going to get a drink
bigly - 2

I should have counted excuse me, there were quite a few

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