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Member since: Sun May 29, 2016, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 3,867

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Imagine this, Hillary Clinton is president & the world is as normal as it can be

but is not insane & Putin does not own us & she gets things done. Not by taking care of the rich but the rest of us.
What a fairy tale!
Our allies do not distrust us & Putin does

I think the WH leakers are patriots

It's probably Melania

I can't help it, I like John Kennedy R LA

as conservatives go, he is not completely nuts. He seems to march to his own drummer. He wouldn't get my vote, too many issues, but he is hard to dislike

Heidi Heitkamp just wishes Hillary would go away

Hillary gave a speech in India, which I guess Heikamp didn't like

This pisses me off

Just now on Chuck Todd

Nikki Haley may be next on the chopping block for her stand on Russia on the

poisoning in the UK

Jake Tapper just said the maggot has been more critical of Meryl Streep than his bff Vlad, I'm paraphrasing

Most Notorious Russian Spies Who Operated in America

not for those that complain about click bait


tweet: you're fired

I repeat , you are a fucking moron.

Stormy arrives at the Solid Gold in South FL


The many times Baldwin nails tRump

10 smallest countries in the world, most you haven't heard about

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