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Home country: Ireland
Current location: Ireland
Member since: Mon May 23, 2016, 04:42 AM
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Olympic Podium Pants - The O'Donovan boys

Fall in love with these Irish Olympian brothers who just gave an all-time great interview

Gary and Paul O’Donovan became instant heroes back home in Ireland after winning silver in the lightweight double sculls and certified internet stars after giving the Rio Olympics’ most exuberant, most entertaining and delightful interview.

They talked about “podium pants,” pizza, peeing in a cup and the national celebration that awaits their return to a nation that has, as the interviewer says, “gone O’Donovan mad.”

Their response? “Tis a pity we’re missing the whole thing.”

And, no, that isn’t a fake background.

Just watch it:


These lads are so laid back that they're almost horizontal.

Here's more of them


Mark Halperin scrambling to defend Trump on MSNBC at the moment

He's already played the Biden remarks from 2008 about the President and alluded to HRC's remarks about Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in 68, trying to equate those to what Trump said today. Sickening stuff.

Was Steve Cortes drunk on Hardball last night ?

He appeared to be slurring his words, weaving forward at times. Normally he's quite sharp, if wrong.

Orlando Shooter's father turns up at a Hillary Rally yesterday

MSNBC have reported this, and was seated right behind where Hillary was speaking. He was interviewed afterwards and basically said he supported her.

You just know how Trump will play this, but how will the Clinton Campaign respond ?

My first thoughts is that this is a set up by Mateen's father.

Donald Trump, the angriest white man

An interesting article on the goings on last week


For many, it's not who wins the White House that matters, it's who doesn't win

Did you see the knife going in? Last Tuesday, as the Trump presidential bid seemed on the verge of imploding, Barack Obama spoke softly. He appeared at his most thoughtful. In truth, he was being vicious, partisan and unforgiving.

And the knife wasn't going into Trump.


Obama's words aimed to neutralise that movement. After he spoke, if the Republicans ditched the loudmouth it would seem they hadn't the brains or the courage to do so until Obama took them by the hand. And the notion that their party leaders took advice from Obama would enrage the Republican base even more.

The aim is not just to defeat Trump but to do lasting damage to the Republican Party. "What", said Obama, twisting the knife, "does this say about your party, that this is your standard-bearer?"

Comey - Gowdy exchange on July 7, can anyone clarify the following ?

In their exchange, Gowdy asked was Clinton telling the truth that there was no classified material in the emails, to which Comey replied it was not truthful.

Now my recollection is that at that point, there were 3 emails that Comey had determined as Classified, and that subsequently a Democrat Congressman had honed in on those 3 emails, and got Comey to admit that there should have been Classified markings on the Headers (but there weren't), so those also could not be adjudged to Classified. Consequently, Clinton HAD been telling the truth.

I just watched MSNBC show the Comey - Gowdy exchange and it stops at that point, judging Hillary's claim to be untrue.

Can anyone explain this ? Did Comey issue a clarification, and if so, where is it ?

IF Hillary doesn't get a huuuuuge bounce out of these last 4 nights, it really would be

time for that Canadian move. That was a monumental 4 days, outstandingly devised and executed, where the co-ordination of what people want to say (and how they said it) will be spoken of for decades.

All going well, Hillary should have a commanding lead by September, and this provides a defining moment in the history of the United States to re-double efforts to smash the Republican Party in all the down ballot races. We've seen what they did to President Obama for 8 years, in a less than hidden undercurrent of racism. Given the chance, they have no shame and would do the same to Hillary. The USA cannot suffer another 4 years of this selfishness.

There is an opportunity for the Democratic Party to create a generation changing Government, I hope they leave nothing behind in their efforts to do so.

The Clinton Campaign needs to step on this NOW

before Hillary going back on her TPP deal with Bernie becomes the narrative amongst Bernie supporters (and elsewhere). How many hours have passed already ? Where is this much vaunted "Rapid Response team" ?

Secondly, having doubled down on the same stupid remark, someone needs to apply a boot to Terry McAuliffe's nuts.

Holy crap, Jill Stein AT the Democratic Convention, stirring horsemanure WTF ????

Potential US Vice-President Tim Kaine is ‘honorary’ Cork man who ‘adopted’ Courtmacsherry as his own

THE most likely candidate to become Vice-President of the United States has extensive Cork connections and is often spotted holidaying in Courtmacsherry.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, former Governor of Virginia, who was picked by Hillary Clinton to join her ticket, has been a frequent visitor to west Cork, as well as University College Cork over the past decade. Mr Kaine will be formally ratified at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Family friend, Pádraig Fleming, from Courtmacsherry, was travelling to Philadelphia to see Mr Kaine officially confirmed as Clinton’s running mate, saying there wouldn’t be a prouder Corkman in the world on the night. The vice presidential candidate has been a frequent visitor to Courtmacsherry in recent years, the West Cork haven that he calls his “adopted Irish village”.

Pádraig and Mary Fleming met Mr Kaine’s parents, Al and Kathleen, some 25 years ago and the families have been firm friends ever since. The Flemings are among the most highly regarded families in West Cork tourism with Anchor Bay Cottages known far and wide for its hospitality. As well as Al and Kathleen, it has meant frequent visits to Cork for the Tim Kaine and his wife Anne Holton since they first visited Ireland in 2006.

Mr Fleming said: “There won’t be a prouder Irishman in the US this week than myself. He is a wonderful man who loves coming to Cork. Al and Kathleen have been frequent visitors to Courtmacsherry and have become very dear friends, as have Tim and Anne. Courtmacsherry is Tim’s adopted Irish village.”

Mr Kaine, a 58-year-old Senator, wowed the American electorate at the weekend during his first live address when Ms Clinton unveiled him as her running mate in the November General Election where they will face off against Republican candidate Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence of Indiana.

I never knew ! And I have a summer home in Courtmac This has just become even more personal

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