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"We hereby grant Americans the Right to Ignorance." - Congress, Inc.

The tragically flawed, corporately designed GMO-labeling bill passed a cloture vote on Wednesday evening, and thus seems certainly headed for passage.

The legislation will mandate GMO labeling nationwide but allow food companies to choose between using symbols, electronic codes, or packaging language—totally inaccessible, complex and confusing methods that will certainly frustrate and baffle consumers. The bill will also undo Vermont's landmark labeling law, which went into effect July 1.

Glyphosate Herbicides Cause Tragic Phosphorus Poisoning of Lake Erie

Damn it. It feels like the chemical GMO* industrial corporations are trying to poison the whole freaking planet. This crap is in wine, beer, almost every processed food, and the tampons our wives, daughters and sisters rely on. WTF? This is so sick. There is no excuse for poisoning America systematically to garner financial profit for a few - that is just another foul expression of sick Republican-style Values.

No wonder people get honked off when Chem Trolls come around to bash clean, organic food, and to make excuses for these kinds of escalating CHEMICAL GMO horror episodes.

July 4, 2016 - "A new study by experts from Ohio Northern University in the U.S. has shown that glyphosate herbicides are a main cause of the tragic phosphorus poisoning of Lake Erie, which has been causing an increase of harmful algae blooms that foul drinking water and kill fish...."

THE STORY - http://sustainablepulse.com/2016/07/04/glyphosate-herbicides-cause-tragic-phosphorus-poisoning-of-lake-erie/#.V31rxWOOt0d

* Well over 80% of the GMO crops are part of a profiteering industrial chemical ag scheme that depends on the use of the deadly herbicide glyphosate to kill weeds, as well as to kill the microbes that make a soil healthy and alive.

GMO corporations pervert government oversight - conflicts of interest

The GMO corporations and their army of internet and Chem Trolls is at it again, distorting the science and the facts of the matter concerning industrial GMO manipulations of the food chain.

The GMO corporations continue to undermine the integrity and honesty of science. No wonder so many people have ceased trusting science, since Corporate Science, Inc. has so perverted it.

What GMO corps have done to the reputation of science is criminal. Read and weep:

"A letter from academics, non-profits and farmer groups indicts the lack of balance, perspective and independence among so-'experts' chosen to carry out a new taxpayer-funded National Academy study.

"The study will advise the federal government on how to overhaul regulations concerning GMOs—including novel biotechnology products developed using synthetic biology and other techniques, such as DNA "editing".

"The new study is being conducted by the National Research Council’s (NRC) Committee on Future Biotechnology Products and Opportunities to Enhance Capabilities of the Biotechnology Regulatory System.

"Despite a federal law that prohibits biased committees with conflicts of interests, two committee members (out of 13) are industry employees, six have conflicts of interest and no representatives of consumer, farmer or public interest groups have been included by the Academy.

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